one either speaks from essence or one speaks from limitation

Self Mastery - The Essence of the Traveler

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With the development of self mastery, the seeker becomes a traveler, beyond religion, tradition, the teachings, doctrine and dogma. Spiritual practice is then, a communion with Life in the moment of Living

Life is the eternal moment of Living

Once there is self mastery, there are no mysteries, no secrets, nothing that needs understanding .. as all are embraced in the all encompassing moment.
   This is the Self sought - the Beloved.

The Inner Sense

Have you ever walked with an native tracker? He looks at the signs that most people cannot see and can tell what has passed that way. With nothing but an almost imperceptible footprint, he can tell all about the owner, the height, size, weight, age, sex, disabilities and diseases of the one who left the footprint.

No tradition does he follow .. but years of development and training of his own intuition. This is the Inner Sense. The skills to do what he does are not written in any text .. nor are they handed down by the elders nor are they written in the rock paintings on the walls of the caves.

A development of the self so that, in his beingness, he can express 'all that is' into words and language .. of the time .. in the moment.

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Living in the moment.

What good is learning and following a tradition or teachers or masters if one cannot apply what has been learned in every day life?

Yes .. it is good for one thing .. the debate over the aspect of the tradition itself .. an intellectual debate which has relevance only when the tools are continually referred to as a point of reference with the teacher or master as the authority. But to do this, is to live your life by proxy.

The master of a Japanese or Chinese martial art is the Master of that tradition. But, there can come a time when the master turns to the student and takes back the final weapon and the student stands on his own as the master of his own Self. This is true mastery - the mastery of Essence ..

For one who has handed back the last weapons in both the Japanese and Chinese martial Arts .. or become the master of his own Essence, what tradition would you say he follows ..?

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Unless one can release all attachments to the knowledge, learning from books and following other teachers is just that .. tied to the limitations of a past tradition.

One learns to read Sanskrit, Hindi, Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin .. and can translate these into English. What tradition does this person follow ..? Who are his teachers?

One studies Psychology .. and spends time with a Taoist master - obtains a degree in Psychology and is ordained a Taoist Priest. Are these compatible .. and which tradition is this person said to follow. Who are his teachers?

One studies yoga .. and transcends to Bhakti after absorbing and realizing the intricacies of Hatha, Karma, Tantra, Kundalini, Jnani. Is this person a Yogi or does he follow a tradition ..?

The best that intellectual learning can be
is a guide to the possibility that exists within.

When the learning is applied to the life experience of the individual and all attachments to knowledge are released, only then can Knowledge and Experience merge into Wisdom.

With Wisdom comes Integrity - the Self Mastery of the Traveler.

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The Embrace

There is one common denominator in all traditions which can only be realized when all the learning is applied firstly to the self. From this point on, there is no learning, only the embrace.

This is the ability to access the essence of the inner sense - to speak from the inner tuition which transcends all traditions. The only authority is the Self in the moment.

This is the essence of humility as there is no thing to gain, no thing to lose and no thing to defend.

This is Tantra. It is the way of the Tao and the essence of Zen. It is the embodiment of the Christ Principle and the expression of the Buddha nature.

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Self Mastery

Once there is self mastery, there are no traditions and the essence of all traditions find their commonality beyond the fundamentalist doctrines of "should" and "should not".

Life has meaning and
spiritual practice is a communion with life in the moment of living.

Once there is self mastery, there are no mysteries, no secrets, nothing that needs understanding .. as all are embraced in the all encompassing moment. This Self is the Beloved.

I have found that
one either speaks from essence or one speaks from limitation.

The Self is beyond the limitation of tradition, doctrine, teachers and masters. It needs no heroes and speaks with the humility of an individuality which reflects all limitations in the personality ego. In its own expression, it translates the silence between the words of the little self sense which interrupt this silence.

Tradition keeps the Beloved as something to be sought.

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The Traveler

The Seeker, the Purist or Traditionalist needs a God or Goddess and the Beloved Authority of the sacred texts .. the study of which is the Reason for Being .. A vague and promised reward for diligence to Other outside of self.

There was a time when I could not remember that all wisdom is absolute. I had to forget every tradition I had ever been taught. The Master of Self thus loses all notions of "My God is greater than your God" and becomes a Traveler through Life.

The truth of God and Goddess moves out of the mysteries and there is no Glamour, no Illusion

Love's Purpose and the Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment

There is purpose behind Life and Love, everything you do and everything you are .. even though you may not be able to see it in the moment. This website contains some of the travels of two people - a male and a female.

Enlightenment is bringing to the Light of daily consciousness all of those memories which are down in the unconscious 'body-mind' and running you without you even being aware of their existence. They are your gifts, your talents .. and your limitations.

» How deeply into your self do you want to go?



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