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The Gentle Therapist - Mentor Program Material

This is a public archive of some of the material which was presented to "The Mirror" on-line workshop and the " anunda discussion list. It has used in our virtual counselling and email therapy and mentoring sessions and is drawn from some of the handout material that has been given to clients who choose to work with Fiona and myself.

Some of this material can also be found in a slightly different format in other sections of the site. From what is presented here a number of exercises have been developed for people to follow which have been found, by experience to work very effectively. Some of these will be included in the " Self Help section of this site.

In order for you to make choices, it is first important for you to see that you have a choice,
and then be able to see what some of the possibilities are.

" An Introduction - What this material is about, and how to use it
" The Metaphor of The Garden - Your body is your garden, you are given raw materials to work with, what you do with them is entirely up to you and your programming.
" Ages and Stages - Who hopes? Who fears? Whose expectations are we living out? Why are we trying to cram so much into the interval between birth and death?
" Simplicity can not be overwhelmed - the simpler we make our lives, the happier and more free we are. If all we had to do was concentrate on what really is important, things would make more sense.
" Defining Who I am - the expectation that parents put on the children that they will "make something of their lives" ... to justify the parental need to be seen as a successful parent.
" Patterns of your life - the first of a series of tools which may help you come to grips with some of the unconscious patterns that are running your life. This exercise will help you identify the patterns, the underlying beliefs, and provide you with some clue as to the source.

© 2001 - Christopher Wynter and Fiona Tulk - Hobart Tasmania - All rights reserved.

May 25, 2001

on-line mentor program