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If all you do is try, you end up becoming .. trying


If you practice for a purpose, you limit the possible outcome
    to your expectation of the purpose

If you practice for the practice, without a purpose
    there can be no limitation on the outcome.

The goal you set yourself is the noose around your neck

It's not the rules, but the Mirror that gets broken
    and only when you recognise and accept for yourself
    the essence of your own true nature

Then, and only then can the mirror .. and the rules ..
    be seen for what they are ..

Everything outside of self is an act of faith
    which produces the Mirror of distrust ..

Acceptance of self is an expression of being
   through which the mirrors of faith and distrust shatter

When self accepts Self ..
    when the I's become as one and there is no comparison
    when the "third eye" is at one with the "turd eye"
       and shit is seen for what it is

then, no-one is "having a go ..."
   and "conscious - unconscious" becomes consciousness


Enlightenment is the breaking of the mirror not the rules


The true teacher cannot teach you anything,
   but can only remind you of what, on some level, you already know ...

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