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The Search

As I relinquish the need to search .. and no longer need to look,
I can see that which was originally before me
   but that which I could not see ...
   because I was looking for something specific.


If I look at the forest, I cannot see the tree ..
If I look at the tree, I cannot see the forest ..

If I allow my gaze to wander without looking at anything,
I see both the tree and the forest in an all encompassing moment.

I see the part .. apart from .. and as part of .. the whole

In the search, in looking for or finding answers to specific questions...

some answers are complementary, some are in conflict ..
   depending on your idea of what the answer should be ..

If I take all of the answers and put them together,
like the fragments of a jigsaw
then a whole greater than the sum of the parts becomes apparent ..

but it is a whole which I could not search for ...
because I did not know for what it was 
   I searched ...


This is the process of remembering -
   or re-connecting the fragments

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