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Christianity and the Bible

The Bible is an instruction manual for the trans-generational Virtual Reality game called Christianity
The marketing strategy for earth domination included registering the Trademarks (by the genetic imprinting) of certain Key words like

God, Father, Son, Jesus Christ, Holy, Sacred, Savior, Salvation, Soul, Heaven, Virgin .....

creating a world wide web of prayer in consciousness and in the computer files of the DNA of the major percentage of the world's population.

The prime directive of this game was to go where no man had gone before and implant the code irretrievable within the physical bodies of all of humanity leading to a life of Servitude, Sacrifice and Martyrdom (all TM reg) for which the Church (TM reg)      guarantees your immortality (TM reg) after you are Dead

the ultimate penalty for breaking the Sacrament (TM reg) - copyright or rules is Death (TM reg)  .. "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" .. or at the very least ...

is a charge of Heresy or Blasphemy (TM reg) ..and excommunication to a life of eternal damnation (TM reg) in the cyberspace of Hell (TM reg)

All proceeds from the sale of this game go to Vatican Federation

which has ensured its continued profitability by setting up a controlling Brotherhood of Human Resource Management (New World Order) called the Council of 12 with which to influence control of the worlds financial institutions

In order to perpetuate the efficacy of this Belief in Consciousness specially written into the Latin original text was a futuristic holographic iconic cause ...(The second Coming descending from a cloud)

        The Old Farce has you

"Christianity and the Bible" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia.
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