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The program that is Life is called the Mirror
   where everything that comes to you
   is a reflection of some part of you
   that you either love or hate accept or reject.

The Mirror was created because the I could not see itself
   except through its own reflection.

Then the ego forgot what it was looking at was a reflection
   the Mirror image of itself

and so it started to look outside itself
  for approval and acceptance

and in so doing, gave away so much of its integrity
   that what it offered to its reflection
   was also the mirror of what was left for self


So it is that it is the ego that opts out of The Mirror of Life
   and Life that is Eternal ends with the Death you fear most

because you kill yourself looking to others
   for approval and acceptance trying to avoid that death ..

You knew the rules before you opted out ..
   just as you remember them incarnation after incarnation
   yet blame someone else for opting out

The "God" outside of self is the scapegoat

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