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The Choice for Freedom

There are some who are prepared to look deep into the reflective pool of their own consciousness and do something about the distorted reflections in the muddied waters of their emotions

One can very easily tell who these people are because when one goes into the space between the words they write, there is silence ..

In this silence, there is freedom ..

In the long run, this is the easiest path .. to be true to self .. because, when you die, you will face nothing other than your self and all that you could have done .. but did not do because you could not accept your self.

Then you will not have the freedom to choose whether you are going to come back again .. because you will, into the same genetic pattern, over and over again, lifetime after lifetime until you can accept your self without condition.

and each time, in each subsequent generation, the rut gets a little deeper and the patterns harder to break .. the genetic disease a little more severe.


To make a choice for freedom, no courage is needed, no hard work ..
The only permission needed is your own ..

to stand up to the past, its code of silence ..
the behavioural patterns learned and repeated unconsciously every day
and in every interaction with others

Then you can experience a whole new relationship with life,
all because you can send the memories of "mother"
back into the past where they belong,
rather than recreate them in every moment and every relationship.

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