Unified Field of Thinking

The Thinker in the Act of Thinking the Thought

One day,
    me thought that
        I didn't need a past

    so me dropped it

    I am -
        there-by - I think

where-as before.
    when I had a past,
        I thought I was ..

when me had a past,
    every thought I thought I had
        had me ..

    I know
    when I have a thought
    its past me
        not I

    when there is no me
        there is no you ..

        there is only I

and that is the Self ..
    the Unified Field of Consciousness
    which we can choose to express
        through our individuality

what we think
    is our personality
        is "me"

    can never be found in "me" and "you"
        only in I

Universal Consciousness

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The Thinker in the Act of Thinking the Thought


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