Mother, Father and the Tree of Life

Hidden in the centre of the Tree of Life
lies the Alchemist's Gold

The 'Spiritual' Heart

The Centre of Balance and Contentment
As long
as there is Heaven above and Earth below ...
As long
as there is a future to be hoped for and a past to be hidden -
feared ..
As long
as there is a Father to the right of you
and a Mother to the left of you ..

You will never find your True Heart ..

For the true Heart can only exist
When there is no above .. nor below ..
When there is no forward .. nor back ..
When there is no left .. nor right ..
The Heart is the meeting point
of Man's Lowest nature rising ..
   where matter becomes no-body
Man's Highest Spiritual Nature descending ..
   where spirit becomes no-mind

of the worlds of Time, Space and Form

where the descending Son of God intermingles
  with the ascending Son of Man
the ascending Son of Man intermingles
   with the descending Son of God
The Heart is the meeting point
of the highest sacrifice through Death ..
   the agony of total surrender
the resurrection from Death
   into the Cosmic Consciousness of the Avatar
As long as Spiritual is seen outside of body
Tiphareth cannot be realised
The Garden of Eden is empty
Shamballah is a dream
The Heart
whose reflection is the Sun
the elemental Refiner's Fire
the Vedic Rudra

and whose symbol is the snowflake which melts
as you try to grasp it in your hand

The Spiritual Heart Centre - The Alchemist's Gold

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The Spiritual Heart Centre


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