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· Onecell-f - The Burning Bush
  of the Refiner's Fire

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  of the New Born

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Fire burns .. but cannot burn itself.
The Eternal or Refiner's Fire of Kundalini and Moses' Burning Bush
is the immutable energy of the Heart Center

Onecell-f .. The Universal Spiritual Tradition


· Religious Tradition
· Universal Spirituality
· Enlightenment
· Healing

Most resonate with what has become known
as The Ten Commandments .. and with the Trans-Personal journey of the Archetypal Moses with the rest of the archetypal tribe of sub personalities through the desert of isolation and loneliness (The Dark Night of the Soul) after having won freedom from the rule of the mind's (Pharaoh's) enslavement and tyranny.

The Burning Bush of the Refiner's Fire

The wise and inner knowing demanding of the thinking mind "let my people go" and then the battle until the 12 tribes, the people of "Y'israel" (or the spiritual body of mankind) are led through the parting of the blood stained (and base chakra colored) waters of the emotions.

Religious Tradition

Those who have an intimate knowledge of other spiritual traditions in their mother tongue will also have knowledge of exactly the same metaphor within these sacred texts. Just the names of the archetypes have been changed. The inner Transactional Analysis is the same.

The first two commandments find themselves common to all traditions. In trying to explain his "Enlightenment Experience", Moses added the other eight because the tribes-people couldn't really understand the perspective and understanding he saw from the top of his own personal mountain.

Yet, Dogmatic Christian decree has seen the original scriptural metaphor changed in its translation into a "God-Spell" for the constraint of its followers. Only this way could the Inner Truth of Onecell-f be hidden, and manipulated. But the Christians were not alone in this ..

The Universal Traditions

The path of Kundalini, as it moves upward from the valley floor through the chakras taking the Tantric path of dissolving all opposites, or the Kabalistic "Lightning Bolt" path through the Sephiroth, "walks on water" or rises above emotional turbulence and reveals its Self to the senses as the "Inner Self of Infinite Innocence" as the Voice of Ensoph or Atman from the realms of Brahaminakara of YAHWEH to Moses ...which speaks from the fire which does not consume, to reveal, in words that cannot be spoken .. "I Am".

The Fire letters of the Torah are the same Fire of the R'g Veda and the combined voice of R'dr'a now called "Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu". It is the "Refiner's Fire of Alchemy"

YAHWEH - considered the unpronounceable name,
is the whispering sound of the Universal In-breath and Out-breath -
the present continuing tense of the verb "to be" ..
   transliterated as "I am in the act of being".
   In Being, it is the Universal Breath of Life .. the origin of "Spirit"

It is .. The Tao .. and the Tao which can be spoken of is not the true Tao.


In his enlightenment, Moses did not call it God. It was only those who could not understand, those working through the perceptions of their own beliefs who did that.

Neither did they understand the "Vision of the Promised Land" .. Shambalakara .. the mythical Shamballah which is nothing more than the human body-mind-spirit in full Self-Realization consciousness (or the wholeness of Enlightenment) .. the Onecell-f.

In this context, the first two commandments take on a meaning .. "I am the Universal Life Breath" "Thou shalt worship no other"

and Worship .. the sacred Bhakti .. is total immersion and absorption within this Universal breath.

The Pharaoh Mind sought to enslave Moses and his peoples separate from this, in the pursuit of its own personal means to identity. In trying to save the external peoples, Moses, even though he held on to his vision and ideals died before reaching his "Promised Land".


Healing is like taking a walk, barefoot in the garden ..
Take one step .. breathe, consciously through every cell of your body and feel part of the grass apparently beneath your feet .. then take another step ..

Eating of the fruit of the Tree of the wisdom of Life
rather than the Tree of Knowledge.

Then and, only when every cell of the body is united in the fullness of the breath of the Onecell-f, will the Tower of Babel crumble to allow a return to the Garden of Eden past the fallen angel and the flaming sword of your own self-judgment.

The serpent has swallowed its own tail.

The eye sees but cannot see itself except through its reflection in the mirror of the world around it. When the mirror shatters there is only Onecell-f in the Silence .. conscious of It-Self as consciousness.

the eternal fire ..
the immutable energy of the Heart ..
which has become a Hu-man body.
and another child is born ..

Kundalini, Tantra, Onecell-f and the Burning Bush of the Refiner's Fire


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