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The True Power of Self Healing
and the nature of the Inner Spirit

The human body itself is a marvel of creation. Kundalini life force (the Inner Whole-E Spirit) is the energy of the cells continually re-creating themselves all of the time, in every moment, as much as we allow our body to re-create itself within the confines of our Mind and its unconscious Self Limiting Decisions.

There is an apparent conflict between

"We cannot change the problem at the level of the problem … it is only when we have a 'higher vision', a call to something greater, that change happens."For most on the spiritual path, the insoluble dilemma is a conflict between thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions to people and situations which cannot be reconciled with the term 'spiritual'.


The ideas expressed by numerous teachers, that we are ‘new’ every moment ... that there is a Divinity, a God /Goddess which we aspire to … our 'Higher Vision' ... which most see as outside ourselves ... the object of aspiration and to which most of us give away our power.You are brand new .. every moment.

The Body

The cells in your body are continually creating and re-creating. Basically, there is not one cell in your body now that you had 7 years ago. So if you are Brand New every moment, what of your 'line of future', your dreams and visions hopes and fears, your 'flow of events'? Why won't the reactions and the emotions go away?

The problem lies with the incalculable past memories and ancestral beliefs stored in the DNA and cellular unconscious which must be released. These are lying down inside of everybody .. in the unconscious mind .. and are the source of the reactions which create the dilemma between what we know we are and how we (seemingly uncontrolably) behave. They comprise past behavioural patterns, past self judgements, past Self Limiting Decisions ... denied, not accepted and not recognised.

The body itself is a marvel of creation ...

The cells are continually re-creating them selves all of the time ... in every moment ... as much as we allow our body to re-create itself ... within the confines of our unconscious 'Self Limiting Decisions'.

My ancestors and my personal past, my parents did not create me, but they gave me the raw materials ....

I, *in the moment*, am the creator of my universe,

and I am, in fact, re-creating my own personal past in every succeeding moment of the present by holding onto the Self Limiting Decisions of my past ... of my ancestors ... off what I was taught as a child that I could or could not do ...

By denying our feelings and emotions, we are burying back down inside of us all of our ancestral patterns of behavious. We are re-creating in the moment … every moment ... all of those past Self Limiting Decisions ... in every new cell that is formed ... and limiting the re-creation of the cells themselves to re-create within the confines of the unconscious limiting beliefs. Do you remember being told "One day you will grow old and die.

"First you have a feeling and then the feeling has all of you.

Where lies the power .. in the past .. or in the present? 

The power lies in the present ... in recognising the 'Limiting Decisions and Beliefs' ... in allowing the release of these limited views of self from the physical body ... merely by moving beyond the 'code of secrecy and silence' … by accepting that these 'beliefs' exist ... (wherever they came from) so that recreation of self can be in the present is without the 'Limiting Beliefs' of the past.Life is not an experience of crisis.

Life is the experience of the body's way of re-awakening to the truth of itself .. of the mind remembering the source of its true essence .. and the body releasing every unconscious belief that generations of minds have placed on it. Until the past patterns of Limiting Beliefs are recognised accepted and allowed to be released, the power is that of Victim ... in the past ...

We are born 'Awakened', 'Enlightened' and 'Innocent' at one with that God that we have been taught to look outside for salvation from.

'Kundalini' or 'Spiritual Emergence' the "Inner Spirit of Life It-Self" is our power of creation and re-creation. We are all born with Kundalini awakened. We would be very dead if our inherent life-force was not awake! It is our natural state, repressed by (unconscious) learned behavioural patterns throughout life.

During the self healing process ..

What you are experiencing is like a dam bursting ... a dam that has been holding back the inherent power of the truth of the physical body ... a dam made up of Limiting Decisions and behavioural patterns learned and enforced from early childhood ... held onto by each succeeding generation and past down the mtDNA … from mother to her children ... limiting decisions that become self limiting deceptions. 

It becomes easier when this is accepted as a release from the past .. not a behavioural patterm at conflict with how we "should be".

If we (ego I) can step aside and allow 'that which will occur', to occur of itself and not by force of will ... it will occur of its own volition and in its own time. It is already occurring. We, with our limiting beliefs, in the opinion that we know more than we are conscious of, are trying to stop it.


We see our lives moving from crisis to crisis because, as the dam bursts, all of our limiting decisions and behavioural patterns are brought to consciousness, along with all of the self judgements we have ever made ... and judgements from others that we have taken on ...

The Mind becomes aware of them and we react because we know we are not being true to ourselves and we add to them .. or deny them .. thereby adding to the aging process of the cells we are newly creating (unconsciously) ...

In the past, we have even tried to 'get even' ... we have retaliated ... we have tried to manipulate other's into our way of thinking so that we can gain support for our limited perceptions of ourselves ... and justify our behaviour ... and then got 'pissed off' because others could not see our point of view ...

The Mirror.

The world around us is a mirror … through which we see the reflections of all of our limiting decisions … but rather than allow our own evolution, we hold onto our re-creation and add further self judgement to it …one day me decided that me did not need a personal history ... so I dropped it ...

We have a choice between limited and limitless ...

By dwelling on the revelations and rememberings of past judgements and past Limiting Decisions and man's Mind's interpretations of what is 'Spiritual', we are re-creating 'limited' ..

By allowing that these revelations and rememberings are patterns being released through the flow of natural order we are allowing the 'limitlessness' ... of being fully 'Hu-man'

It is only the ego that needs a name or needs to be named ... the ultimate self limiting deception.

Can we surrender to ourselves … our own inner Divinity, our power of creation and re-creation … our ‘Life-force’'In the beginning was the word …' (or thought) ... as you were created in the likeness of God, what is your Divine word? ...Turning back to another verse from the Christian Bible ... (Clay comprises rock turned to earth, moistened with water) ...

Can you allow the 'Breath of the Holy Spirit', your sacred Life Force, your Kundalini to move through your body 'made of clay' so that it can be turned into a Hu-man Be-ing?

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Self Healing and the Power of the Inner Holy Spirit


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