There are, in reality, only two commandments

Salvation, spirituality or enlightenment is not something you earn through the earning of behavioural "brownie points". Eternal life is not the reward you gain from fear based following of somebody else's set of rules. These are the fruits of your becoming (and the promised second coming).

What you eat is what is eating you

The so called "spiritual texts" and the "spiritual gurus", those who claim to be priests, teachers and missionaries are full of rules about what you should or should not eat and the beliefs you should or should not believe. But, even more they have rules about what you should "do" or "not do" in order to be spiritual.

Rules were created to maintain the position of power for both organisation and its leaders by control through subjugation, service, sacrifice and fear.

There are, in reality, only two commandments - the first and the second. Paraphrased, these "commandments are common to all religions and spiritual pathways.

"Thou shalt worship the lord thy God with all thy heart and might .." .. and "Thou shalt have no other gods before me"

When one is fully immersed within one's inner God-Self-essence, all else becomes an aspect of that "God". All life becomes a reflection of aspects of the God-Self and the "One becoming" starts to experience that everything in the world around as an aspect of Self .. the birds, the animals, the flowers and the trees, other people, the planet itself.

The relationship with food (both spiritual and physical), the need for a guru or teacher, learning and relationships take on a whole new meaning. So does the need for food change. So does the type of food that one eats. So does the manner of eating .. whether that be physical food or the so-called "spiritual food" served by so many "teachers".

Immersion in "God". immersion in the "Self" creates its own mirror .. in that the respect that the seeker shows of another is a reflection of the respect the seeker shows of his own "God-Self"

As the One becoming .. you, me .. become absorbed in "God" or "the Self" within .. so the one starts to accept and respect the absolute beauty and divinity of that "God-Self" within .. and starts to see the boundary between self and other disappear.

This "God", this "Self" is not something that you can find by following a set of rules. It is the essence of your beingness .. the essence of your life .. and the essence of all life. It is, if you like, the elemental element. Beyond all fear projected by the teachers who, afraid of losing their following, preach from a set of somebody elses rules .. not their own expression of being in the "God-Self".

If we look at life, there is one common I that embraces all .. the I beyond identity or need for identity. This is nicely embraced in the metaphor of "the breath" .. "I - AM" .. which in Hebrew is "YH-WH" .. in the Kaballah is "Ain-Soph" .. in Sanskrit .. "SO-HAM".

salvation second coming life eternal reward
salvation second coming life eternal reward

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salvation second coming life eternal reward
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salvation second coming life eternal reward
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