First Separation-
A simple explanation of the concepts Nonduality, the primary dualities of Masculine and Feminine, YHVH, the Holy Trinity and the Yin and Yang of the Eternal Tao

YHVH and The Tao

Many have difficulty conceptualizing nonduality and the masculine feminine duality relationship, so lets go back to first principles and, at the same time, try and keep things as simple as possible. A starting point for the understanding of the principles of masculine, feminine and their Union (Non-duality, Yoga or Tantra) is clearly explained in the Tao te Chin .. and the first lines state quite simply ..

"First there was the eternal Tao; From One came two .. "

Home, the first separation and the final reunion

Here we have three terms, Tao, one and two. What people seem to miss is that the nonduality of Tao is dynamic, moving, changing, never fixed as an idea. Another word for it could be "Unified Field" - something that is not static, is non-linear, multidimensional, in constant homeostasis, embracing all laws, principles and aspects in perfect harmony operating through infinite time/space relationships ..

This is One - 
the Tao - the Way of All-Things - Yin and Yang
the Void -  the Eternal Silence - YH and VH
and to the casual observer, appearing as a "Black Hole".

English conceptualization can create perceptual difficulties, because "One", in this context, is NOT singular but a collective, infinite one-ness, a field that contains all things but can be also called no-thing or nonduality.

Mathematically, as it is a starting point which cannot be determined, it can be written as | 0 | which means it is an infinite field whose sum of all positive and negative aspects is zero ... yet which may contain infinite pairs of positives and negatives.

In the recent past, people could not understand or comprehend this concept so they called it "God". Earlier  tribes gave it different names, including YHVH. The Rig Veda describes it in Sanskrit and the Chinese call it simple Tao

When this nonduality field | 0 | is separated into two separate or dual fields, one must be a "positive" field and the other a "negative" field. This is the first separation or duality.

Mathematically, this can be written as 
| +A |  +  | -A |  =  | 0 |

Now, in the olden days, the only concepts man had which were familiar and could metaphorically describe these "opposite fields" were Male and Female .. masculine and feminine. But, neither of these dual pairs could exist  singularly as an absolute nonduality.

So, for this first separation, we have
| Androgyny |  =  | Male |  +  | Female |
| Nonduality |  =  | Masculine |  +  | Feminine |
| Creation |  =  | Heaven |  +  | Earth |
| Life |  =  | Consciousness |  +  | Form (matter) |
  • From this, "God" of all of the monotheistic religions is referred to as Masculine or Father and is both creator and destroyer.
  • Similarly, a coin does not exist unless it has a two obverse sides - "head" and a "tail" and the same metal fills all dimensions and impressions.
Spiritually and Religion sometimes express this in terms which may be familiar to some as
Adam (Kadmon) (or Humanity) = Adam (Male) + Eve (female). 
Tai-Chi (The Tao) = Yin (Female) + Yang (Male)
YHVH (The un-nameable) = Yod-Hey (Female) + Vod-Hey (Male)

These very roughly correspond to Shiva and Shakti.

Hebrew also uses words <Ab> and <Em> with some variations according to whether Aramaic got in the way .. 
| YHVH | (The un-nameable) = | Yod-Hey | (Female) + | Vod-Hey | (Male)
| YHVH |  =  | YH |  + | VH |  .. or ..
| The Unpronounceable |  =  | In breath |  +  | Out breath |

So, what we have here is something a bit like a pendulum .. First we have nonduality | 0 | then from that comes | +A | and | -A | (first order duality).


Just to add a little confusion to the picture, the actual polarity of whether Male is Positive and Female is Negative, depends on one's perspective. In the olden days, Union resulted from the Male entering the female, sperm entering the egg. Plants grew from the Earth as the result of the Sun and the rain coming down from Heaven.

HOWEVER .. if we look at Male and Female Polarities from the perspective of, for example, electricity, where convention says that electricity flows from the positive pole to the negative pole, when you look at the flow of the electrons that cause the current to flow, they flow from "Negative" to "Positive" - where Negative and Positive are points of potential and Negative (female) is full of electrons and Positive (male) is empty of electrons.

The main reason that convention says that Male is Positive and Female is Negative has to do with the fact that the "Magnetic Field" that flows around a wire connected to a Positive and a Negative is observed that way.

  • of course, the Holy Trinity is nothing more than the complete nonduality or understanding of the expression that the 
         Absolute (god), Brahmin, Atman, Consciousness, Buddha Mind | 0 |

    is the sum and homeostasis of Masculinity .. or ..
          all polarities biased towards the Masculine whose sum is | +A |

    with femininity .. or .. 
          all polarities biased towards the Feminine whose sum is | -A |

  • Nonduality, The Union of the Masculine and Feminine dualities is the essence of Sacred Tantra - yet it is not a Union but a continual interchange of energies - as in homeostasis.

  • Transcendence (The Way of the Tao) is the Awareness of this Holy Trinity of the First Cause (nonduality) continually giving way to yet, at the same time containing, this first separation of both Masculine and Feminine in homeostasis .. such that Life It-Self is the homeostatic relationship between form (or matter) and consciousness.


None of these three | fields | or | expressions | can exist on its own - 
in other words:
| +A |  =  | 0 |  -  | -A |
| -A |  =  | 0 |  -  | +A |
In other words, no concept ( or | field | ) can exist without the generator of that concept or field and wholeness, Life IT-self or Oneness is the absolute field or continuance of being which can be represented by
[ Absolute Nonduality ]    [ \ +A / <> | 0 |  <>  / -A \ ]

( Note that, in the above expression, I have introduced an extra dimension with the use of " / and \  " in the fields instead of " | " to signify "above and below" and the reason for that will become apparent later. The symbol " <> " is used to denote homeostasis through metamorphosis. )

Observation cannot exist without an observer and an observed .. so, the tree falling in the forest cannot make a sound unless there is someone there to hear that sound .. and humanity's concept of "God" would not exist without the human genome.

Which, Spiritually (and therapeutically) also means that
your soul or spirit can NEVER exist on its own without a body.

The Primary Nonduality of YHVH and The Tao - first separation and final re-union

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The Primary Nonduality of YHVH and The Tao - first separation and final re-union


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