Masculine and Feminine Polarities in Homeostasis

Duality sees fundamental order as either-or. Nonduality sees both-and. 
At each level of complexity, life consists of two interdependent, non-identical polarities in homeostasis, dynamic interaction 
and integral relation to each other. 

Life, Consciousness
Duality and Nonduality

  • Duality chooses one perspective or point of view above or to the exclusion of its opposite polarity. 

  • Nonduality integrates all singular perspectives or points of view into a comprehensive whole in a state of homeostasis

Homeostasis of Masculine and Feminine

  • Homeostasis implies a balance, equilibrium, metamorphosis through a continual process similar to osmosis 

All spiritual and mystical texts and philosophies make constant reference to the concept of a duality of existence, polarities in homeostasis, inter-dependant, inter-related and co-dependant.

Some describe the first separation from the nonduality of Adam into Adam and Eve representing the polarities of Masculine and Feminine; then we have the nonduality of Life represented by the interaction of Heaven (masculine) and Earth (feminine); the Chinese have the Tai-Chi composed of Yin and Yang.

The homeostatic relationship between the masculine and feminine principles is the most fundamental concept in life consciousness.

If we move beyond the Literal, the conditioned interpretation of the mind to what it has been taught is the meaning of these words, all of these metaphors are referring to the same thing. 

All levels of all existence occurs in duality and, that the relationship (with which most are familiar) between masculine and feminine is the basis of all existence.

  • In other words, it has been known for thousands of years that there is an interacting, dynamic, asymmetrical binary relationship which is the fundamental order of homeostasis in the cosmos and that this relationship underlies all phenomena in nature.
Subjective Existence and Non-Existence

The recordings of what has been described as Tantra go back to the rock carvings of the Sumerians - about 6000BCE. Now, the Sanskrit word Tantra transliterates as The Weft and Warp (duality) of the Weave (nonduality) - as in the directions of the threads that go to make up the cloth we wear. 

If one of these subjective pairs (dualities) did not exist, neither would the cloth (nonduality). 

Perception and the Senses

What we perceive is how we interpret the feedback from ALL of our senses to something that impinges on them. Yet, the linear mind which operates on the principle of Binary Logic is only able to see one thing at a time in singularity as existing or not existing. It is only able to interpret this based on what it has been taught on the basis of its conditioning.

I may look at a tree and, because I am sensitive to the energies of trees, may come out with all sorts of things about the history of the land around that tree - even though I have never been there before. Another person may look at the tree and not get anything. Someone else may get exactly the same imagery as I do, but because of education, conditioning, beliefs etc react completely differently to the vibration of the tree and come up with a completely different story.

Somewhere, deep in our past genetic history - before the advent of Christianity and the God being who has been, through lack of understanding of the complete picture, designated creator, there existed many peoples who used to tune in to the land, the weather, the seasons, the plants and the animals etc.

The Celts were one of these peoples. The Australian Aborigine still does. And so too, did those peoples of the middle eastern cultures who tried to describe what they knew and interpreted/understood in pictograms and phonetic representation of sound.

Words and Language

People studied these writings and, because of cultural conflicts (and many other reasons) interpreted them to mean what could be defined according to their ideology.

Thus, the original Aramaic roots of the metaphors for the masculine and feminine polarities (for example) Adam, Eve, Heaven, Earth, Sin, Baptism, Father, Mother etc have been lost in the doctrine and dogma of the multicultural mix. 

The word Ca'an (Canan) simply means The Tribe who wore a purple cloth - and you can see how that has been used as some spiritual metaphor.

The word El simply meant the Tribal Elder and Sin is the old Aramaic for feminine or woman. Thus it is quite OK for everyone to be born of sin because up until now, there haven't been too many people that woman has not given birth to. 

But then, Doctrine decreed that Original Sin had to be washed away by total immersion or Baptism .. which was no more than the midwives used to do to the new born - to was them of their birth products and detritus ..

Evolution of Consciousness - the Supraconscious.

Through homeostasis, the hologram is evolving - both the hologram of the warp and the weft (masculine and feminine duality) of the weave (nonduality) of the cloth.

The mind contributed to this evolution .. from the single cell that was formed in the clay of the earth (and the Aramaic ad amah transliterates as clay) obeying one simple rule .. does the environment support and interact with the life of this cell or does it not.

Thus, the primary cell (matter of life it self) born of earth was seen and described as the feminine polarity and the environment (life sustenance) in which it lived was described as the opposite or masculine. Both dualities, as shown by the Tai-Chi are in a state of continual homeostasis.

  • Consciousness, thus is the homeostasis or the interchange process of metamorphosis or osmosis (information transfer) between matter (feminine polarity) and its environment (masculine polarity)
  • The fundamental process of all life rests on a simple decision in Consciousness: Does the nondual relationship in homeostasis between the duality of the masculine and feminine principles support the absolute nonduality
  • Life It Self then, is the process of establishing and maintaining  that absolute nonduality.
  • Evolution is the result of dis-ease (a masculine-feminine duality imbalance) and is the manifestation of this imbalance in form leading to mutation of the feminine principle in an attempt to find absolute homeostasis with a changing masculine principle or environmental change.

It is interesting to note that if we remove the nucleus (or brain) of a simple cell, it will still carry on its function of creating protein molecules which either defend it against a non-supportive environment or draw sustenance from those elements of the environment which are supportive.

On this very simple function of the basic building block of all life rests all judgment, discernment, duality .. all separation. It has nothing to do with mind.

  • The evolving human consciousness "out there" is the reflection (masculine principle) of what is going on "in here" (feminine principle) .. a chain reaction of fractal evolution - homeostasis between matter and energy which obeys simple principles - a "both/and" situation.

Existence (nonduality) can only BE because of Duality expressed as Masculine and Feminine Principles.

In other words ... If the whole human genome was to be destroyed, God, as defined by the mind of Man, would cease to exist.

The human expressions of homeostasis ( the dynamics of existence) change following simple and predictable principles, but the dynamics themselves do not change.

Transpersonal provides the challenge to give expression to our understanding of those dynamics in the language of today. 

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Nonduality exists within the homeostasis of the duality of the masculine and feminine principles


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