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Many understand that the drop exists within the ocean
but few can comprehend how the ocean can exist
within the drop

unconditional love
the lover, the beloved and the act of loving

True love is beyond thoughts, feelings and emotions. it is the expression of the Trinity of the lover - the beloved - the act of loving expressed through Being in the moment ..

The Essence of Unconditional Love

In truth, meditation is the state and the art of doing no-thing and being every-thing. Prayer is the inner communion with every-thing and doing no-thing.

Both are states of "Love" (doing no-thing) in communion with "God" (being every-thing). There are no words, no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions. These come later - in retrospect and we view our experience and our knowing through what we have been taught to believe is right and proper action.

Unconditional Love and God

"Love" and "God" are two of the words many have been accustomed to using in an attempt to paint a picture of this essence. Yet, they are the drop which exists within the ocean and the ocean which exists within the drop. They cannot be separated.

Scholars and scribes down through the ages have sought to find words for this concept. For every age, for every cultural spirituality there has been an attempt by the mind of man to put words around this essence.

The oldest continually surviving civilization on Earth - the Australian Aboriginal has kept the concept of the dreaming alive for over 40,000 years. Their myths and legends bear a remarkable resemblance to the attempts of the mystics of the common era - yet, their cave paintings are much older. Their "walkabout" and their tribal rituals are a moving meditation and prayer - a communion with the world around them which they practice to this very day.

Learning Love

When we were babies, we had no identity except that given to us by our parents. Later, this sense of identity was added to by the hopes, fears and expectations of others.

In our learned behavior for survival, we learned to develop attachments to those things which raised our approval rating in the eyes of our support network - parents, religion - society.

From this conditioning environment we learned a meaning of love that was not unconditional .. a Love that was Convulsive.

Growing Up and out of Love

Most of us have never been allowed to grow beyond our childhood dependencies because, being needed felt good. Fulfilling the expectations of another was rewarded and hell would descend the moment we spoke out - unless we were united in a common speaking out.

As we have aged as children, we have translated our infant emotional motivations into attachments to "how do we fit into the support network with which we surround ourselves" in the search for understanding of who we are, we have sought some sort of acceptable idea of identity.

The person who dies is free of this - unless, we, refusing to acknowledge our own unfulfilled expectations, project them in the form of prayers of grief on the soul of the departed.

Unconditional Love - The Christ Consciousness

The essence of the Unconditional Love that is the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness can not be equated to the love of a mother for her daughter, a teenager for his or her first car or your hankering after a Big Mac.

Unconditional Love more closely resembles the relationship between two very young children when they are left together alone in a room without any adult intervention. A playful innocence that we were born with.

Unconditional Love had nothing to do with needs, wants, hopes and expectations. This is an emotional love and grief is the end result of these emotional energies not being balanced by another person or thing.

To deal with grief and loss, the only thing one has to deal with is the unfulfilled expectations - the collapse of the symbol of what we have not been able to realize within our selves.

the lover - the beloved - the act of loving

The act of Loving is the separation many impose on their children through need. People say to me "You are Loved". I refuse to accept that. The moment I am expected to accept that I am loved, from my realization of my own wholeness, there is a duality created and then a trinity ..

In the separation from the intrinsic nature of my own beingness - I blaspheme against my Self. Through this blasphemy, I then create the unloved and so another duality is formed.

Then along comes judgment of self on self. The moment I accept that I am loved, I, ego-mind becomes separate from the expression of wholeness.

The Embrace of Unconditional Love

Within Islam, the essence of Jihad is the struggle within the mind and the body to find this re-union of Self within One's Self.

To hold to be separate is to disregard both the First and Second commandments of Christianity - where, when we go back to the original scriptures (not the translations into any language) we find that here is no God, but the metaphor used is the breath.

Unconditional Love is YHWH - the present continuing tense of the verb be ..
and translates as I am in the act of being ..
there is no separation.

Unconditional Love is symbolised in the Jewish "Star of David" (as the interpenetration of all pairs of opposites) which evolved from the primary "Sri Yantra" which is the pictographic representation of the vibration of the perpetual harmony of the spheres - "OM"

In the Tao, it is written
First there was the eternal Tao
From the Tao came One
From One came Two
From Two came Three
From Three came ten thousand other things.

This is the essential flow of the tides .. and of the breath .. from full to empty, from empty to full .. neither existing on their own -

For me to accept that I am loved, I become the object of the lover - thus I develop an expectation. The moment that expectation (or need) is not met there is the breeding ground for anger and resentment .. and the moment the lover is lost, the empty space of unfulfilled need and expectation is called grief.

This is the inner battle which leads to tiredness, and, in projecting love or a need for love onto any other, we are contributing to the struggle of the other in order to satisfy our own needs and lack ..

Thus we call ourselves devoutly spiritual.

Love's Gift

The greatest gift we can share with another is through allowing the other to share in the reflection of our essential beingness - to share with other a glimpse of what is their potential .. to allow them to see that to which their eyes may be closed .. because the mind cannot grasp that which it cannot visualize or conceptualize.

Thus, the true teacher can not teach you anything but can only remind you of what on some level you already know.

This is the essential meaning of the Greek root of the term Therapist ..

The Priest-Healer who through his or her being allows one to see that to which they have been blinded but which on some level they already know.

Unconditional Love .. the Essence

I AM is life itself in the continuing moment of living
dying each moment to a succeeding moment of living ..

this is the freedom of Unconditional Love ..

What we call "God" is to allow the flow of Tao

In Hindu terms, this is the essence and the absorption of Bhakti the true spirit of the sacred warp and weft of the weave that is called Tantra and the definition of Yoga.

In Buddhism, this the experience of Brahminakaya and living it is Shamballah .. being the essential expression of one's Buddha nature.

This is Heaven in Earth and the focus of the Lords Prayer.

It is the objective, the experience and end result of ZaZen - and the "sound of one hand clapping".

Yin and Yang combined to make the whole,
yet Yin exists within Yang and Yang within Yin.

When we journey into deepest Africa or Borneo or the Jungles of South America, we find symbols and metaphors which convey the same essence.

Does the tree falling in the forest make a sound?

The Sacrifice to Unconditional Love

Do you think you are separate?

So long as you are separate, "ego I" will always be a sacrifice -
a victim of the God outside of self.

It is man's eternal quest outside of self for the "Promised Land" that has created the diversity in the species and the concept of lack which can never be filled unless,

in the Silence beyond all words the mind is allowed to descend into the Common Heart which exists within each ..

"The ocean which exists within the drop"

Unconditional Love

love, light, life and spirituality

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Unconditional Love : The Lover, The Beloved and the Act of Loving
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