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So long as the mind of a man holds to any concept of a God Being,
That Man shall never know the Truth

Synergy of Truth

Attachment to the word which identifies a personified God being
can be the greatest obstacle to Truth.


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" Being
" The Absolute
" God Exposed
" Essence beyond God
" Realisation of Truth
" The Obstacle

The Naked God Exposed

Truth, being the essence of that which is, is not difficult to find: it is in us and we are in it. It is the drop which exists in the ocean and the ocean which exists in the drop.

Yet it is like Light - the blinded see it not through their conditioned perceptions and beliefs. Truth is the same everywhere and falsehood varies according to the time, place and persons involved.

Being is.

This is incontestable and absolute.

The exact idea of Being is Truth; knowledge of it is Science; its ideal expression is reason; its activity is creation and justice.

In Being is Life. Life manifests itself through movement.

The Absolute

is neither Being or a Being. It is Infinitely Unknown and Unknowable and its essence completely escapes verbal description except in metaphor.

It is YHWH -the living fire which does not consume the burning bush

It is Allah the source of all creation symbolically worshipped in the East -metaphorically the origin of all creation

It is the truth of Magic -the irresistable magnetism which the personality's idea of Self, in its sense of falsehood, thinks it can resist or control in its expression (which some call Kundalini)

It is Ain Sopf and So Ham -The meeting point of the Eastern and Western Mystery Schools of the Qaballah and the Vedas

God Exposed

There can be a cataclismic change in consciousness where one is faced with the "realisation" which the Biblical Jesus was faced with when he uttered the words

"My God My God .. Why hast thou forsaken me"

This realisation brings forward a whole lot of emotional reactions, far more than any other realisation or process that you are likely to go through.

It is (to use a Sanskrit terminology) the Kriya to end all Kriyas.

It is the final surrender of the emotional personality to one's individuality as a non separate living expression of Life Itself - the "final" realisation of the "Enlightenment Process" -chopping wood and carrying water

It is "Jihad" - the Holy War with one's idea of Self

It is what some call "The Dark Night of the Soul"

The arduous and Painful struggle with the conditioned contents of the mind. so adequately described within both the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is also depicted by Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Beyond God to the Essence of All

After moving through this "darkness" one finally becomes the full living embodiment of the "Christ Consciousness" realises (or makes real) "At-one-ment" (atonement) embraces Shambalakaya (or enters the first or the Brahmin Bodies) finds the "Garden of Eden" here on Earth .. becomes the embodiment of one's "Buddha Nature".

In this consciousness, there are no ties to anyone - or anything. The past is fully release and everyone who has ever crossed your path is released from any "Karmic Attachment".

Within, the meaning of the Absolute becomes noetic (Gnostic) and Atman is finally remembered in the Zen Satori.

Here, Light and Darkness meet as the Qabalistic Malkuth finally merges with Kether - the Union of the Crown and the Firmament.

It is where, in terms of the Mystical Tarot, the Fool becomes one with the World when one overcomes the shame of being human in separation to become the embodiment of the Shaman .. one with the "Dreaming" of the most ancient of cultures.

It is the Fullness of Forgiveness, the final realisation and understanding of the first Commandment oneness with the Tao, which by definition is beyond definition ..

It is Yoga (Union) in its purest form beyond the branches which have separated from the essence and the Sacred weft and warp of the Weave that is Tantra.

It is the essence of all Religion and Spirituality which lies beyond the divergence in Doctrine and Dogma of the Mental Manipulation of the Priestly Body .. or anyone else who is afraid of an awakened being .. who can see through the lies of the constraints of belief.

Realisation of Truth

This the consciousness which is called on when there is a total collapse of all personal values .. total disenchantment with/of everything .. when there is nowhere left to turn ..

For most, it is the final death bed realisation. It is the realisation which happens when the veils of Akashia (or the emotional world) open up.

For me, the mental understanding came from the remembering of what some would call NDE's -where I was able to re-access the memory of the purpose of my original incarnation in this body ...

In the course of my own personal journey, it was a conscious choice for me to take the path of "To Die before thou Diest" .. a path I have consciously chosen over the - using the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the course of this lifetime - to make what I knew real in every cell of this physical body .. through allowing ..

for when the conscious thinking mind is not still, silent and empty, there is only conditioned mental activity trying to impose its limitations on the intrinsic expression of being

The Obstacle

The greatest obstacle of all -and the greatest cause of the conflicts of Separation -is the memory held onto in the cells of the physical body of the origins and attachments to the word which identifies a personified God being ..

a word derived from the Germanic "Gott" in the 13th century which finds its roots in the ancient tribes who saw themselves as a sacrifice to that which they did not understand.

The realisation of the statement "I and the Father are one" is the end of the "Journey Home" and can only take place incarnate in the physical body from whence the emotional need based separation evolved when

"Man created God" in his imagination to take the form of Man's thought projections hopes and fears - products of his own inadaquecy ..

This is the origin of "the Father in absentia and the basis of all patriarchal religious beliefs and manipulations and the reason why the personified being "God" is such an emotional issue -

our attachment to which stands with its fiery Sword as Lucifer at the entrance to the Garden as the fear that we have lived our life knowingly in the pursuit of conditioned imagination to satiate our learned sense of separateness ..

Many times during our life, Truth has knoched at the door ..
but, mostly we have replied

        "Go away .. I'm too busy"

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