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We cannot gain anything, we cannot lose anything.
Once we accept the nature of all things,
there is nothing in this life that we cannot change.

The Energy of the Who we are


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" Self image is an energy
" Sex, Love and Lifeforce
" All Life is a Mirror

We are whole and complete at any instant. Our perception of illness or of lack, is merely the measure of how much of ourselves we have given away because we fail to recognise that completeness.

Everything is Energy

Everything in this Universe, in this world, and within each and every living and non living thing is energy in some form or another. This includes people, plants, rocks, dirt, water, soil and sand. It also includes our emotions, our feelings, thoughts, dreams, desires and fear.

Science has shown that everything we can examine contains an energy of vibration. All these vibrations co-exist at the same time. It is to this vibration that everything and every person is linked, whether we (species Homo Sapiens) like it or not, whether we are aware of it or not.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

This statement is Universal Law and is recognised as one of the first principles of Science. Some people are conscious of the life energies that exist, some are not.

Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. It follows a simple harmony, a cycle. It follows the laws of attraction and repulsion.

Self image is an energy.

Depending on the mental and emotional state of the observer, the effects of all of these energies can be seen to be either positive or negative. Yet that state only exists for an instant, unless the observer chooses to hold on to it. This is another scientifically accepted fact.

To hold on to any state, another energy transference must take place.  That is the reason we are so tired - we physically tire ourselves from holding on to our emotions. We have been doing that since before the time our parents first educated us to the belief that it is not safe to laugh or cry, or express any of our feelings. In fact, we have been educated not to feel at all. So we hold onto fear, and hoard anger, resentment, greed ..

Money is energy, fear is energy, love is energy, fire is energy, hate is energy. Co-operation is energy. Discord is energy. Some people are conscious of the interplay of energies within themselves and within others. Others are not.

We project our self image.

What runs us, every single living person and thing is the energy we and they are. If we hold onto fear, if we hold onto anger, if we hold onto greed, then that is the vibration that runs us and is projected from us for everything and everybody around us to pick up on. It is projected through personal contact, over the telephone and at every 'Moment of Truth'.

If we hold onto self respect and become the embodiment of our true nature, then that is the vibration projected from us onto everything and everyone around us. All people are equal. There is no-one greater, no-one lesser.

Sex, Love and Lifeforce

The perception you have of your sexuality governs your behaviour, your reactions to others and the way you move in the world

At our core, in our basic essence, each and every one of us is equal.  Underneath what we think we are, we are the embodiment of innocence, which is the highest energy vibration.

This energy of Innocence is our life force. The downward and outward expression of this lifeforce is the expression of our sexuality. It is our perception of our sexuality, our needs, wants and desires, which governs our perception of ourselves, and those around us. Yet down through history, our sexuality has been used, through moral judgement, to make us the slaves of those who seek to control through the guise of religion.

The repression and suppression of our sexuality, the making of the genitalia 'dirty', directly represses and suppresses our lifeforce into denial, creating layers of conflict between the projections placed on our essence.

The less energy expended in dreams, fears and conflicts makes more positive energies available to turn possibilities into probabilities.

All Life is a Mirror

Everything outside of us, every person that comes to us, everything that happens to us, is a reflection on some level of something that is going on inside of us.

Nobody can make us angry or fearful.  These are re-actions caused by states that already exist in each of us from the past that we are holding onto.  All another person is doing, or can do, is arouse that energy within us, and only if we allow it.

We move through Life in a series of re-actions

We react.  We do not respond, we are incapable of being spontaneous.  We react to everything that Life brings us in its mirror.  Reaction is when denied feelings come to the surface - feelings that have been denied by us and our parents and our parent's parents before us.

These reactions are buried deep in the subconscious and unconscious of each of us and they are down there running us.  All these emotions that have been suppressed are the cause and the only cause of all the disease and all the disharmony that exists within each of us, within all societies throughout the world and within the planet itself.

We cannot gain anything, we cannot lose anything. Once we accept the nature of all things, there is nothing in this life that we cannot change.

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The Life Energy of Who you are
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