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The Search for Meaning and Purpose from Life

This site comprises a series of Notebookscontaining many possibilities for you to explore as we discuss both the meaning and purpose of the experiences of life from many different spiritual philosophies and personal perspectives.

Using a common sense approach and plain English words, this site is illustrated with the stories of many people as we share our personal insights and understandings ... offering some reasons for your experiences and some choices which many allow you to explore your potential as a Hu-man Be-ing.

.Truth, Consciousness, Personal and Spiritual Development

Maybe our unique approach may allow that, no matter what you feel in this moment, you may be able to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and why your life has been the way you have experienced it so far.

Perhaps too, if you have been told you are "mad" or diagnosed with some "depression" or "psychosis", you may find some alternative understanding of why you feel the way you do.

Then, from something you recognize which you can use as a starting point you won't have to be "overwhelmed" by taking a leap in faith into the unknowable.

We include some Self Healing suggestions and Self-Help practices for the development and improvement of your personal Life Skills which may benefit your physical and mental health, relationships, spiritual life, career, enjoyment of life, finances .. 

.The NoteBooks about Life  

Everywhere I turned looking for answers, I was presented with conflicting Philosophies - until I learned that the only true answers could be found in The Book of the Human Body - written by the body itself.

The information presented as Insights from Living may challenge some of your beliefs and your personal myths - as, in the pure definition of Transpersonal, it crosses boundaries between psychology, mysticism, religion, spirituality, science and medicine.

The Cosmic Joke is that most of these fields of endeavor have the thought that theirs is the only correct formula and will not accept the possibility that, what they are saying "is the truth", could be written in terminology different from their own.

It is we, the general public who get lost, manipulated and controlled within this confusion of sometimes deliberate dis-information - and our children suffer the consequences.


Seen and unseen streams of Consciousness (which create the Relationships we experience) allow information to flow from one to other. They are the Essence of Love which gives meaning and purpose to the Mirror presented to us in our individual lives.

Within these Life Streams of both the Personal and Collective Unconscious, patterns can be found which directly influence mental and physical health - and all interpersonal relationships. They are the sources of both the reality and illusion of conscious and unconscious programs and beliefs that govern life leading to stress, conflict, addictions, medical and psychological diseases.

Yet, these same LifeStreams have a commonality to all of the senses used by all sentient beings. Thus, the material on this site bridges physics and metaphysics to relate the meaning of life to the experience of living.

is your awareness from the Heart of the Flow of All Life. In this Tantric tapestry of interwoven webs, we provide some alternative and innovative perspective's on the relationships between you and Life, God, Truth, Religious Philosophy, Spirituality ..

.Self Help, Self Healing

The material presented in the LifeStreams sites discuss many subjects (sometimes thought of as taboo) in a fresh, sometimes challenging manner - to make you think - to provoke a response within you - to make you react - to look at your own beliefs, your own programming, the conflicts within you which have set you on this search for a meaning from your personal life experiences.

Perhaps you may also discover for yourself what we have found - that, in self mastery, you can choose another way of consciously traveling onthe paths of your life journey - apart from what we have been told, taught to believe and, so far experienced - from the moment of your conception.

The Search for Meaning becomes an understanding of The Experience of Living

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