Transpersonal Life StreamsOn the Nature of Love
and the emergence of a Plain Man
One day 'me' decided that 'me' did not need a 'personal history' ...
so 'I' dropped it ....

On the nature of Love
and the Emergence of a Plain Man

There is no structure to the random words that I express ... some come from thought ... some fly out of the spinning stillness that is the void/vastness ( the 'no-thing' ) ... some are prompted by comments raised on my own discussion list ... others come from my interactions within groups of people.

This notebook is a space where these random thoughts are gathered (and added to) pending their sorting into some sequential order so that they can form some sort of book or article which can be posted elsewhere. I hope you enjoy following these links ..

You might also like to refer to Ponderables (and other random thoughts) just to get you thinking a bit more ...

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