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and the emergence of a Plain Man

Where is the rhyme,
where is the reason?

For Man, there must always be words, there must always be logic.

I have spoken before of how words limit. I have spoken before of how logic limits. Logic has a tunnel vision, shutting out possibilities from above, below, left, right and from behind. Man tends to see only one track, the mind forever getting in the way with questions.

You should see a child in a crowded room. The child will not go to every adult; the child may pick one, or the other, not for any reason of the mind, not for any logical pattern, not because one looks wealthier, or prettier, but because the child feels.

The child feels the vibration from the adult. The Love, the heart of the adult is what the child reaches to, or goes to. It is the same with an animal, a dog may go to one person and not another, sensing, using feeling as its guide, as its gauge.

This is the true state of Man. Through his education, this ability has atrophied to a point where only some 15% of the ability is used in the general population. Why does Man do this?

He shuts out, not the sense of sight, nor the sense of hearing, nor even the sense of touch or taste, so why does he shut out the sense of feeling? Is it because Man is afraid to cry if he feels pain, afraid to shout in laughter if he feels joy, in case the logical mind shouts back that it is inappropriate.

This is not a falsehood, that the mind should overrule the senses, for does not the sense of touch tell the mind when it is hot to move the hand away? Does not the sight of danger tell the mind to move the body.

These senses can be used in a positive way. The sense of hearing also; one hears a call that danger is at hand, one hears a joyous greeting, the body responds appropriately. The mind tells it so.

So why is feeling shut out. Why has Man allowed the mind to master feeling, not to work with it, but always against it, suffocating it.

Is Man's need for control so strong that he would deny his own heart?

If so, then Man needs to think of change, needs to allow feelings to be felt, to be acknowledged, to allow (in crude terms his gut to speak), to allow the inner knowing to awaken, because that is what feeling is capable of doing, it is what feeling is. It is allowing the inner knowing to exist.

When feeling is stifled, the inner knowing dies, atrophies, until it works no more. It can be revived if Man will but be gentle with himself, allow himself to laugh, to cry, to remove the notion of the stiff upper lip.

With a stiff upper lip, Man cannot speak his truth, let alone be it.

Think on these words, for they are words of feeling, words of Love, sent from the beating Heart of the Innocent.

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