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and the emergence of a Plain Man

The Innocent stands in the doorway

A small figure, soft glow of light behind him, light around him, light in him.

Tiny, hesitant steps ... Sees Mother lying on floor.

Moves slowly toward her, senses the energy.

The silent ` why?'

An explanation given, heard, understood and acknowledged.
Words giving understanding and permission.

Silent and spoken recognition of the Innocent in both Adult and Child.

Mother stirs ... He runs.

Joy and love spilling out of every cell of his body.
Arms wide open, flung around Mother's head.

Absolute, total, complete acceptance ... No need to forgive, no need to be forgiven.

The Innocent does not know judgement of others.
The Innocent does not know self judgement -
just total acceptance of the love he has for Mother.

No questions asked.
No judgement of Mother.
Unconditional love in the moment.

Mother accepts and in that moment, there is no self judgement- just the answering opening of arms.

Mother accepts the Innocent Child and Adult in herself as one.

Golden light surrounds the bodies. A precious moment.

The child does not judge, has no need to be absolved.

It is only the generations of patterning that insists that adults close the door on the Innocent in the themselves, then spend the rest of their lives asking the question - why?

Yet, the doorway is there, it is open,
the door has never really been completely shut.

The Innocent stands, watching, waiting.
A tiny body standing in silent vigil looking at the Adult with eyes of total, unconditional love.

All that is needed is the recognition and acknowledgement of the Innocent, Child and Adult, as one.

The invitation is extended through a sheer act of will.

Acceptance of essence follows.

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