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Time in a capsule

Let me see if I can grasp an essence of the subject of time ... with the following little table ....



Perception of Lack   Needs
Past Memories


Hopes, dreams, fears





All past memories are not happening in the past ...
they are all reactions from something coded inside you
which are happening in the present ...

So, in reacting, in holding onto memories, we are reliving the past in the present moment ...

We are re-creating the past, from our memories, through the perceptions
of everything that has happened since then.

In other words, what you remember ...
are not true memories, but your present perceptions or ideas of what "it felt like then"

All hopes, dreams and Fears of the future, are created in the present by your interpretation of your past memories.

Your perception of need (future) is your separation from Wholeness and completeness (NOW) based on self judgement of Lack (past)

In good old Australian vernacular,
                  if you are standing with one leg in Yesterday
                  and one leg in Tomorrow,
                                   you are going to *piss* all over today.

Yesterday is History,
Tomorrow is a Mystery,
Today is a gift from God
     that's why it is called The Present .....
will you use it wisely ...?

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