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A Plain Man's Mirror

Echoes of the crying stone
 Overshadowed, vast,
tremendous vibration echoing
 distant yet close.
Am I afraid?

I listen, attentive, silent,
 the throbbing of my heart beats.
I hear only the voices of man,
 voices of the lost ...

Yet there must be balance, there must be found.

And the heart beats louder, louder, louder
 as a drum beats nearer, nearer.

It shall reach breaking point,
 the reality of who I am,
The vastness of Self, the Truth of Self
 seems magnified as the beating continues

I have become my heart.
 There is no body
I am free
 All that remains is the beating of my heart.

My spirit, it soars.
I fly high,
 high to the temple of the angels.
In golden light I await me
In golden light I am bathed
I stand
 and face the mirror of who I am.

I smile,
 step through the mirror into nothing
for I am only my own imagination.

I step through the nothing,
 through the mirror,

content to dwell ...

"A Plain Man's Mirror" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia.
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