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A Plain Man's Life and Death

Life and Death - a separation from one energy expressing

Life is about death, no more, no less.
Life is bringing to Light, that which is in the depths of your being.
Life is magnitude of within, a prising open of doors shut, a remembering of the
path of rightness that exists.
Life is a world of integration with One Energy Expressing ...

Life is a knowing that All is there for you,
that the only one who denies you access to All is yourself,
the you that has become an earthly product, a human being.

Speak to your Gods and know that you are speaking to Divine aspects of You ...
in whose image you have been made.
Generating power within the Self to manifest is your right.


'Magic' does exist.


Magic and miracles are a change of perspective ....
Magic is the end product of total focus, and the direction of that focus.
Things long denied by the religions of Western Society are true.


is a limitation invented by those afraid of the power within themselves.
'I can go no further, there is no logical sequence.'

Why does there always have to exist a logical sequence?
Because Western Man is not able to function without being in some sort of
progressive sequence, there has to be a start and a finish, a beginning and an
end, so Man thinks.

So Western Man searches for an outcome and misses The Path
So Western Man creates a Beginning and End and then has to find balance ...

All exists. Fact.

All you imagine as progression when looked at in the moment is existence.
All existence is ... The Energy of One

Everything from so called past, so called future and the present exist. All is
vibration, vibration is energy and One.


From this fact comes that there is no birth and no death.

There is no circle. Life and death are One, combined in union.
No differentiation at all.
There is
Everything is
One Energy Expressing

Birth, Death create Life ... your Issue and your ego

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