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Plain Talk

In all of the writings that I have ever written, I have owned my words.  I have not hidden behind the anonymity of a "spiritual" name or some other "aka".

This is part of my process of me taking responsibility for me.

Many educators, researchers, professionals, therapists, religions and spiritual pathways think that theirs is the only correct formula and will not accept the possibility of what they are saying being written in a language different to their own. Perhaps it is unfortunate that none of these groups have learned to establish a common language.  It is the general public, the parents and guardians, that get lost in the confusion ... and the children who suffer the consequences....

What is written for the Teacher is identical to that written for the Psychologist, the Philosopher, the Scientist, the Theologian, the Social worker, the Business Person, the Mystic and the Parent.  The only differences are in the preconception and language used to describe the same consciousness ...

In writing as I write, I am crossing the boundaries and language, mysticism and scientific belief.  By using plain, common words that everybody understands, it is natural that I will bypass the "head".

Of course there are those who will intellectually try to analyse what I am saying .... Try to find correlations between what I'm saying and what they have been taught either through the mystic schools or through scientific study ... and this is because these people (and I was one of them) have to find some way of defending their own inner knowing, their own truth.

And this is good.  Whilst the head is busy arguing, debating the meaning of words, the words have already got into the body ... and the body has resonated ...

And this is why there are so many reactions.  For all of our lives, most of is have been brought up in a society whose language is "plain speak".  It is this language that the body understands .... It is the words of "plain speak" that the body reacts to.

What I hope to do is get hold of many "scientific" and "mystical" texts and translate them into everyday language ... to cross the barriers of language and understanding.  Each one I read reminds me of some aspect that I have not yet been able (or willing) to express in "plain speak" for myself.

What does come up from all of this is that "the energy of ONE expressing" cannot be defined or confined into any one box or subjected to a singular label.

The truth of the energy of the Divine is perceived by each spirituality (East and West) according to the genetic perceptions of past religious and cultural preconceptions, learnings, and understanding.

To say that one is right to the exclusion of any other is to absolutely deny the integrity of "the energy of ONE expressing".

The composite picture can only be understood by combining the philosophies of East and West, and adding to it the mythology and philosophy of the ages.    We are being assisted in the understanding of this through current scientific (in particular genetic) research.

To create the composite picture, all of the data must be put in a common language so that the operating system of the human bio computer can index it correctly.

Once a common language is established and understood, the individual can go through the memory, and delete or modify those files as necessary so that conflicts disappear.

Once I moved beneath my "need to learn in order to justify my existence", I removed from my belief structure my own "fear of forgetting" and remembered that everything I was looking for, was already coded into the genetic memory of my own human bio computer (DNA)

There is only one truth, which in its fluidity, is common to all fields of human endeavour.  This is the integrity of "the one energy expressing".

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