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The Word

Just as the knife cannot cut itself, nor can the fire burn itself. Just as the eye can see, but cannot see itself, The Word is expression, but is unknowable and unpronounceable. The Word is.

In the beginning was The Word.
The Word was God. The Word was with God.

The Word is the expression of the infinity of Innocence, which in the infinity of its existence is the expression which cannot express itself.
It is beyond thought, yet encompasses thought, for thought becomes a separation from that all encompassing innocence. The Word, therefore, is the divinity of creation - the expression without thought.

Only in the separation of The Word from its creation does judgment arise as the see-er and that being seen become the subject of an object. So Man, the expression of The Word made flesh, forgets to remember. In the forgetting, Man creates an impression of that which he perceives God might be, thus casting a shadow around that which is all encompassing.

Infinity can be infinitely small, or infinitely large. Man, in his self-grandiosement, sees God as a point of Light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. If that Light could be perceived as infinitely large, there could be no shadow, for the infinite light encompasses all-there-is.

The Light is no light, for it is infinite and innocent. Yet Man separated the light from the dark.
And Man, in the separation of himself from the innocence of expression, created God. It was a Thought that created Man as separate from God the Word, the Infinity of Innocence. Man has a thought, and so the thought has him.

In that separation, Man sees God the unattainable as only attainable at death, whereas, in reality, the 'death' of thought as a separation can allow man to return to the Innocence of Expression that is the word in flesh.

The Mind cannot know itself ... so how do you think you can change your Mind

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