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The Innocent Speaks
of a child and Children

You are entrusted with a life ...
     Not a soul, not a body, not a mind.
You are entrusted with the sum ... which is more than the total.

Covering all scenes from before birth,
     the elemental, the purest has perceived of the possible.

The impossible does not touch the child before birth.
     There is no limitation to the being
     who has entrusted itself to you.

Will you place limitation where there is none?

Will you confine the potential communion
     that is within the one and can be shared with all?

You are a Guardian - yet you are more.
     You are the creator of potential
     and share in the potential a child brings.

The child is trust.

The child is innocence.

Look inside yourself ...
     into the childs eyes and being
     can you see therein the trust that was defiled,
     the innocence that was raped.

These gifts I bring to you.
     From me shall you learn, from me shall you strike the chord of harmonic healing.

Thus shall we grow together thus shall defilement be erased.

Divine Trinity holds possible for each and birth and rebirth,
     but most parents turn away in fear from the innocence
     they perceive in their child and defilement begins again.

You who have looked inside,
     you who have seen much that was long hidden hold the vibration of non-defilement.

There is trust deeper than you perceive within your being.

Mother and Father, both if you allow,
     shall resonate with the trust that is brought to you,
     that is in part created from you.

Your essence is my essence.

My trust in you is your trust in yourself ... conscious and unconscious

My love reflects your love of yourself.

My being, undefiled reflects the potential within you ...

"The Innocent Speaks of a child and Children" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia. The URL's of this page are https://anunda.com/notebook/03.htm and http://www.lifestreams.com.au/notebook/03.htm.

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