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The Innocent Speaks
in words that are soundless

With love I bid you listen...

I cannot see the face of you &
     for you will not allow my eyes to open.

I cannot feel the shape of you &
     for you have bound my hands.

I cannot hear the words you speak &
     for you have stoppered my ears.

I cannot smell the scent of you &
     for you have masked it well.

I cannot taste your lips &
     for you turn away.

Yet I know the depth of you, the truth of you,
     the luminous vibration that you are.

These things I know and they are true
     for I have no senses to filter them ...
     your essence undistorted by the senses of Man.

I know you not as woman ...
I know you not as man ...
I know you not as child ...
I know you not as aged ...

I know you as immortal in a transient cloak of age ...
     Yet age shall not touch you, nor shall it scar.

The lightness you are, the brightness you are,
     the flutterings of your heart, the vibrations of your mind,
     These are things I know.
     I know you so well ...

Yet, as a shadow, I stand in your sight ...
     You do not see me, you do not hear me.

Occasionally as a breeze on a still night do I touch you.

As an unbidden movement on the edge of your mind
     do you acknowledge that I exist.

I am the you of light,
     the guide and host of past wisdom and future hope.

I speak not of love for you because I am love, I am you.

Remove the fetters of human senses
     and allow yourself to know the depths of who you are.

For you are I.

I am divine .....
     I am the child.

I am the innocent within.

"The Innocent Speaks in words that are soundless" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia.
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