Transpersonal Life StreamsNotebooks about Love
The Love you share with all others
is a reflection of the Love you experience of yourself

Hope, Love and Fear

Love is the essence behind Life, everything you do and everything you are - even though you may not be able to see it in the moment.

True Love is a state of being .. the Transpersonal sharing and realization of the Consciousness of who you are, of daring to be the true expression of who you are, of daring to allow another to be the true expression of who they are, without judgement of Self or other, without your need or expectation of any outcome

On the nature of Love and Spirituality

Acceptance of and surrender to self is an expression of being through which the mirrors of duality - faith and distrust, hope and fear - shatter.

These notebooks are part of Fiona's and Christopher's personal journal as they personally explore the nature and meaning of Love and Spirituality in their own lives.

Hope, Love and Fear

It has been said by some that Love is the opposite of fear .. I would like to propose a different perspective/definition for your consideration.

The opposite of fear is hope
Love is the result of merging hope with fear

The pages in this notebook attempt to remove the language of magic, mystique and mysticism around subjects like Spiritual Enlightenment, Spiritual Emergence, and Kundalini by the use of plain English words to make matters of Spirit and Spirituality more openly accessible and acceptable.

Love and the The Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment

Enlightenment is bringing to the Light of daily consciousness all of those memories which are down in the unconscious 'body-mind' and running you without you even being aware of their existence.

Only then can you access the pool of the Greater Unconscious.

The quest for the 'spiritual' outside of self is the reflection of a lack self love, a limitation of acceptance of Self. The Divine or intrinsic essence of you, the individual (Life Force) has been restrained for generations and must be freed.

The emergence of your true Spiritual Self is the opening of the flood gates as your own intrinsic Life Force breaks free of what you have been told you should believe.

Words from the Silence.

There is no structure to the random words that I express. Some come from thought .. some fly out of the spinning stillness that is the void/vastness ( the 'no-thing' ) .. some are prompted by comments raised on our discussion list .. others come from my interactions within other groups of people.

If you cannot understand the beauty of the wisdom
contained in the simplicity of the silence,
how do you hope to comprehend it
when it is complicated by the duality of words ..?

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