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Philosophy, Religion and Spiritual Education is based on trying to provide a meaning of life for the shattered mind. Within the esoteric or inner mysteries of life itself, lies the truth. The Mystery behind all words is the limitation of the mind to this possibility.

For most, the search for a meaning from Life is based on fear. Every philosophy, every religion, every individual doctrine embraced by the mind as a truth .. has its basis in fear. From my own shattered mind's search for both a purpose for my life and a meaning from my experiences,  

My Search for the Meaning of Life

When I started my own journey, a very wise friend told me to go inward rather than outward. While everybody else has gone outward in a search of spirituality, I have just as far into the remembering contained within my own body, into the memories contained within the cells of my own DNA

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio
   than are dreamed of in all of your philosophy"
                           (Shakespeare writing as "Hamlet")

And so I have found out.

The stories that presented on this site are true. They happened to me. They are my experiences, they are written through the limitations of my words in the English language from a silent space where all of these experiences form a kaleidoscope of memories, color and sound.

However, my understanding of the words I use may be different from yours. I don't want you to hold up what I may write as "Truth" .. but you may use it to trigger responses and memories from within your self.  This is part of your own empowerment process.

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I Learned ..

  • that as I limited my beliefs, so I would limit what was open for me to experience. Yet, each experience that I narrate here was first translated into the language of my perceptions .. and my perceptions were limited to the beliefs that I had been taught or learned.
  • that I could not dismiss my experience because it did not fit in with my beliefs. If I tried this, there was an uncomfortable feeling that nagged away at me .. sent me searching for something more ..
  • that fear was the label placed on a disharmony between what I knew and what I had learned.
  • that in the scheme things, Christianity was very young and very limited in its explanation. That there was a spiritual essence that goes back through my remembering far deeper than what the scientists say is 100,000 years of human culture on this planet.
  • that there is a common core deep within the esoteric traditions of all the spiritualities that was shown to me as I allowed the possibilities that there was more than was written in the books .. more than my individual teachers could convey to me.

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I will call many of the people that I met during my own journey a Master .. but I will define the word Master to mean that the person had achieved mastery over a particular facet of the journey which is the path through life.

Each encounter that I had, taught me several steps of the "dance of consciousness" and another meaning to the metaphors contained within the mysteries.

But, characteristic of the true Masters that I met was that they have passed me along an invisible chain. None held me as a disciple. Not of them held on to their part of the story or insisted that what they shared was the truth.

Each sent me into the silence with what they shared .. with what they had awakened in me. And when, on several occasions, I tried to hold on to a particular teacher, I was kicked out of the group .. back into the silence.

And from the silence came a link to another part of the chain. Each set of steps that I have learned flow together .. the dance is far more beautiful than "one step forward one step sideways one step back". It is only by placing my perception above the dance floor as I write this, that the fragments can be seen in the perspective of a far greater picture .. how each encounter led to another.

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Finding a Meaning of Life in amongst the words

Words are sounds to which each of us ascribes our own personal meaning. Each individual sound breaks the silence like the clap of thunders breaks the stillness of the moment before a thunder storm. Yet after the storm, the sun comes out and life is renewed.

We, as a civilization, as a culture are obsessed with sounds .. and words. These words have a meaning which we only understand in terms of a feeling .. a resonance with some learned belief.

The meaning is embellished with emotions which are the consequences experienced from the use of words. If you swore in church as a child, you got a belting.

Philosophy and Spiritual Education is based on the shattered mind's need .. a search for a meaning from the mysteries of the past .. that there has to be something more to life than the conflict between what we are told to believe and what our experience is telling us is the way it is.

The search for a meaning is based on fear. Every philosophy, every religion, every individual doctrine embraced by the mind as a truth has its basis in fear.

One young lady on my list wrote .. for most, "the silence has been shattered by the sounds of students and teachers tearing the words to shreds looking for answers."

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Meaning from the Silence of the space between the words

The answers cannot be found in the words.
They can, however be found in the silence that embraces all sounds.

Underneath all of the memories and the recall of the things that I had done in incarnations past was fear. A Primal fear that was the root of all fears, the base of all judgments.

The inner knowing that I had taken and used words which separated me from and limited the essence of my true self.

One workshop I attended was a cathartic challenge for a group of people who came together to consider just three questions ..

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"Who am I ..?" - "What is Life ..?" - "What is other ..?"

Once my mind grasped the concept of the limitation of beliefs, I understood that my only sin (or missing the mark .. which is the true meaning of this word) .. was the limitation in and of my mind as to who I truly am .. and my holding on to this definition .. this boundary .. this separation. 

The catharsis I experienced was the release of the meanings and emotions my mind had placed to the natural flow .. and buried deep in my physical body due to that judgment of my self .. generations of it .. lifetimes of judgment .. all incarnations of missing the mark .. remembered on my deathbed ..

After my car accident as my physical body lay on the slab, connected to all sorts of electronic machines, I saw, in the "twilight zone" that the only way I could embrace the silence was to return to the physical body and remove the boundaries of my mind.

Death of my physical body was the death of the possibility of reunion with the One. The silence which ensued resulted from mind embracing all of the sounds it had ever heard .. 

My own journey has been one of remembering .. or bringing back together all of the members of all of the families .. the fragments of the shattered mind .. to allow them to consciously share within this physical body in the Dance of Consciousness

  • The Mystery behind all words
           is the limitation of the mind to this possibility.

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