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That little 4 letter word "LOVE" is probably the most misused and misunderstood word in the English Language. It is only when we look at the number of expressions in other languages that are translated by "love" that we really begin to understand ...

Exploring the meaning and purpose of life

exploring meaning
Dictionaries give the “meanings” of words through references to other words. But, remembering the times we have feelings of being hurt, angry, put down, encouraged, or complimented by what someone said or wrote .. is it not possible that meanings have more to do with our lives than merely with other words in a dictionary? …
truth .. as it is written and spoken
In any one given moment, each can only know and express one partial aspect of Truth .. but, from what thought comes the thinker who thinks he knows? …
Life Meaning is found in the Experience of Living
The basic function of Living an Experiential Life on which the survival of our mind depends, lives and breathes in the darkness of that thing we call body; That small part of you that thinks it thinks - the mental constructor mind - has an experiential life support system.
Reality and illusion : the conscious and unconscious mind
The mind thinks that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your reality. They are part of the illusion, the experiences of the pendulum swing of the Conscious and Unconscious mind. …
The Thinker in the Act of Thinking the Thought
Compassion can never exist for self or other whilst there is subservience to any archetype of Father or Mother …
Life, Choices and experience
We can have choices in life .. in both what we will experience and how we will experience it. Freedom is just another word for no-thing left to lose.

love, light, life and spirituality

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exploring the meaning and purpose of life
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