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The Virgin Mother with the Male Child on her lap. They are one. They always are, and ever have been.  It is not surprise that in the development (even manipulation) of Christian spiritualities, when He was worshiped as having a Sacred Heart, she was also worshipped as having a Sacred Heart. They are one

sacred heart, the heart chakra
the priestess within,

In the multitude of images of The Virgin Mary with the male Christ Child seated on her lap, we have the symbol of the Priestess and, within each of us, the Inner Blood-Light. For the fundamental Christian, this image is so close, yet so far away as, with so many religious stories, it is held as some pure reality "out there" rather than as a metaphor for the sino-atrial node - source of our own Life and our own Inner Light

Heart Chakra - Priestess Within, the sino-atrial node.

Its interesting what one finds when one does a little ratting around into the etymology of words and the epistemology of philosophies.

The sino-atrial node is a small mass of specialized cardiac muscle fibers located in the posterior wall of the right atrium of the heart that acts as a pacemaker by generating at regular intervals the electric impulses of the heartbeat. In other words, the Heart is NOT controlled by the brain.

Now - it actually does this from the flow of blood through a double vortex - much like what happens when you place oil and water in an hour glass - and, even after the "pump" that you call the heart is still beating, the blood will continue to circulate through the body... until ...

In very deep meditation, it is possible to enter a state of suspended animation where there are no "vital signs" and where the body is kept totally alive through the action of the sino-atrial node. From personal experience, I know that it is just as possible to enter this state whilst full conscious. I scared the wits out of my doctor on a couple of occasions.

This node is controlled by what is known in Acupuncture as the Penetrating Vessel (Sushumna, Yin + Yang - Masculine + Feminine, polarity neutral) and is ALSO a node (or Nadi) where the Governor (Pingala, Yang Masculine) and Conception (Ida, Yin, Feminine) Vessels meet.

This node, the centre of the Heart Chakra is also the meeting point for the Parasympathetic (Unconscious) and Sympathetic (Conscious) Nervous Systems in the (sink of the) Cardio-Pulmonary Nerve

AND is the ONLY node in the body where Tantra occurs and MUST continually, timelessly occur to sustain life.

GV1-CV1-PV1 is the first Point where the three meridians meet and is in the centre of the Perineum Muscle - the Crutch Point - otherwise known as the Base Chakra.

and .. the only other point where these three meridians meet is in the Ajna Chakra - the Pineal Gland.

So, what we effectively have is a figure 8 - or hour-glass or multi-dimensional Yin-Yang symbol where the "dot" or intersection of the Yin and Yang is the "Black Hole" of the "Void" and is located in the "Sacred Heart", the central node of The Heart Chakra - and untouchable.

Some people seem to think that the mind (which would be very dead if the sino-atrial node stopped) can create "Tantra" - or raise the Kundalini - the energy of the PV - which is also known as the fertility vessel and controller of the blood.

Remember - it takes the conscious thinking mind 500 milliseconds to process any signals it receives from the body so how can mind open the Sacred Heart?

Oh .. and when I trace the roots of <sino-atrial> back beyond the Latin into something more Ancient, we know that <sin> is used as a suffix or prefix to describe the feminine ... and ... we can trace <ater (atrium=forecourt)> linguistically back to the Sanskrit <atharv, atharvan->, priest

So, the Priestess who governs our act of Living is controlled by our relationship with life (through the open Crutch Point - Feminine dominant) and our relationship with the Environment as sensed through the open Ajna Chakra - Masculine Dominant and centered in the Sacred Center of the Heart Chakra.

Sacred Heart, The Heart Chakra. Priestess within, the sino-atrial node.
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