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Not so long ago, I spent some time working with a teenager that I negotiated with and disarmed in a school room .. his words to me were

"I help so many others, but there is no one who I can turn to. I thought that the sound of that gun going off might get me more recognition than my tears have - especially from my parents"

Politeness and Polite Society

A courteous manner that respects accepted social usage;
The act of showing respect or regard for others

The Politeness of Polite Society dictates that people do not talk about some of the stories that have been shared with me - either in my forum or from clients in my therapy practice or in my groups.

Polite Society seeks to cover up the Bad and the Ugly - trying to see (if not manufacture) some Good in everything and everyone - and, if it can't, sweeps them under the carpet into the dark recesses of the fetid swamp called the Unconscious .. and others call Prison .. out of sight - out of mind ..

Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yet, it is that acceptable social condition called politeness that polite society itself, through its repression and recrimination has been the greatest source of the travesties and injustices of Man against Fellow Man.

Dis-ease - the fetid swamp of injustice and inhumanity cannot be swept away by looking for the good in everything and holding fond memories of the deceased - of our ancestors - or rape, pillage and destruction.

If you would seek to be part of the greater tribe of hu-man-ness, then you must allow that, somewhere in the past, some ancestor or relative may well have committed some unspeakable atrocity (so-judged by us now for whatever reason) - and that ancestor or relative must be embraced equally with every other ancestor - no matter what his spiritual persuasion.

Each eclectic Polite Society calls on the teachings of its Religion as a code of politeness, conduct or ethic of its followers.

Yet - it is the followers of this same Religion that were (and even now are) the instigators of the physical and mental abuse that resulted in the mixed bloods that all of us carry as the tribes in the genes of our physical body.

But, no, to be members of the "Polite Society", we cannot talk about that.

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The Victim

These victims of mental and physical abuse (by the standards of the Morality of our Religion) are the players, the personalities and the archetypes that look out through our eyes, hear through our ears and feel with our hearts .. often screaming out to be heard ..

and we wonder at the increase in genetic disease is so much of our so-called enlightened politeness.

Disease and Therapy

Some wonder at the cause of your depression, your bipolar, your schizophrenia .. but you dare not heal yourself because you are actively discouraged against speaking out .. and even if you seek therapy for the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you experience, the "Qualified Professional" (in the interest of Polite Society) will prescribe you some treatment to numb the pain or shortcuit the brain so that you no longer experience the unresolved grief and trauma of that member of your own internal tribe.

The fine line between Therapist and Terrorist lies in the politeness of Polite Society as it judges between Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

So, in the very least, you will suffer from Alzheimer's - or die from Cancer ... simply because to be a member of good standing in Polite Society, politeness cannot speak of the unspeakable.

This didn't just happen 100 years ago, or 1000 years ago - it is happening here, now, on this day and, quite possibly to someone you know. The personality looking through the eyes of some respected member of Polite Society could well be the perpetrator .. but, we can't talk about that.

He or she could be a Medical Practitioner, or a Minister of Religion -or even the Mother next door who feeds her child some drug for a Behavioral problem .. and the next generation carries an even deeper scar that is going to be harder to recover and heal - if they ever get a chance.

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For you, reading this, to be a member of the greater Holon of the Human Race, you must accept that within you ARE expressions of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in all of their goodliness and bastardry.

Compassion is understanding this.

Compassion has nothing to do with looking for some good in the person who used his daughter for sexual mating practice for his racing dogs.. or for the person who shared her female child round with all of her brothers for their sexual pleasure .. or for the family who kept its foster children in kennels like so many caged animals ..

Compassion is understanding and accepting that this sort of thing didn't just go on in the "Bad old Days" but might be happening in the house next door owned by the Pillars of your Polite Society ..

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Politeness is dishonesty

So long as there is a separation between Good, the Bad and the Ugly and one is repressed in favor of the other because one wants to stand as the Pillar of Politeness in Polite Society, these patterns will get worse and disease will increase. Where is the courtesy, respect or regard in that? 

How are your children affected?

Polite Society is nothing .. if not hypocritical in its definition of acceptable cultural usage .. its comfort zone.

The Bastard, the Bad and the Ugly was created first as a Victim by the Goodness of Polite Society - or at least, its need to be recognized as good in the face of its own deep inner scars.

This is the outcast, the lost soul seeking to be re-united with the tribe - not because there was something good in him or her .. but because even in his or her bastadry, there is a sense of compassion .. and mercy that recognizes that the Good, the Bad and the Ugly are, beyond the cultural politeness of the differing groups of eclectic polite society, all members of the Tribe of Human.

"Politeness and the Polite Society; Good, the Bad and the Ugly" was written, published and © by Transpersonal LifeStreams®, Tasmania, Australia. The URL's of this page are https://anunda.com/lifestreams/politeness.htm and http://www.lifestreams.com.au/lifestreams/politeness.htm

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