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a story of One Universal Consciousness

Oneness, the One Ocean that exists within the Drop .. and the Drop that exists within the Ocean, a story of Universal Consciousness and Life

The Oneness of One Planet

From 1 million miles out in space, the planet on which we live is a tiny dot. Depending on where in space you are, and how long you look at the dot, there would seem to be an enigma. Some of the time, the planet would seem to be a bright and shining light -other times, part of the dot would be covered by a shadow. At yet other times, this planet would be seen to be in complete darkness.

From here on Earth, we can see a reflection of this if we sit, night after night, day after day and look at our moon - for this is how the planet would look to us from out in space.

When we get closer, we start to see the planet as the astronauts do. We know about what is on this planet, but what if, for a moment, we were a "visitor from outer space" coming to earth for the first time. What would we make of the light and dark, the shadows, the different colors of blue and brown and green, the fleeting patterns of the clouds of white and grey, the vortexes of the weather patterns.

From one million miles out, we saw one planet as continually cyclic transition of light and dark. Now we are closer, more detail becomes apparent.

When we get even closer, we start to see that some of the planet appears to be land, some appears to be water. Part of the land is brown, part is green .. and even when the planet is in darkness there are patches of what seem to be lights and other areas where there are no lights.

But, even from this height, not one person can be seen. 

Its not until we get to a hundred miles or so that the greater detail shows the shape of the buildings and the roads ..

The Oneness of One Mountain.

Suspend what you have been taught for a moment and look at a Mountain from a position where you can see the whole mountain. Would you have any idea that the mountain was composed of millions of rocks and each rock composed of millions of smaller grains and that each of those smaller grains was different - yet they were also similar?

Covering the parts of the mountain is a green blanket of trees and vegetation - but from the distance of our observation, we cannot identify one species of tree or grass - nor can we see the birds and the animals nor the insects. If there was another human standing on the top of the mountain looking out, then we would not be able to see it.

The Oneness of One Rock

Science tells us that a rock is, in fact, a mineral - molecules of atoms that are held together by specific laws. A geologist can look at a piece of rock and tell us what minerals are in the rock. Some rocks are hard, some are soft, some are impervious, others are quite porous. Some of the rocks are very water soluble, others are not.

Yet - when a piece of rock is viewed under a very powerful microscope, it can be seen to be in motion .. that which is apparently solid is not. We can also see life seemingly trapped within the rock - life that we know as bacteria.

The Oneness of One Cycle.

We have seen the cycles of the planet in terms of light and dark. But, there is another cycle that could be considered here - a very important one.

We have a moving planet - one that is alive. Its plates flex and contract. The tides rise and fall, the continents drift. Water from the oceans rises to the clouds and falls as rain or ice or snow .. part of the eternal cycle. Sometimes there are floods, sometimes there are droughts - but all of the water eventually returns again to the ocean.

But, as the water washes over the watercourses, it takes up some of the minerals and moves them from one place to another. Animals (including humans) drink the water. Some humans eat the animals.

The bacteria break down the rocks into soil. Bigger bacteria till the soil. plants and grasses grow. Animals including humans, eat the grasses - and the fruits from the plants.

The Oneness of One Human.

At the first appearance, the human is very different from a plant, or an earth worm, or the mountain, or the planet.

But - are we so different?

Our physical body is composed of "solid matter" and water. We eat plants, fruits, seeds, animals and we drink water. We breathe in the air that was breathed out by our neighbor and pass it on to another neighbor. ..

Every human body is the same. The balance of the minerals and the amount of water may vary - our genetic structure may be different from the next human or family or tribe or culture or race - but we are part of the Species Homo Sapiens.

The Oneness of One Energy and Life

Suspend your thoughts and consider who you are and how you are where you are.

How many mountains died or were eroded away to give you the minerals of the life you are over how many eons ..?

How many trees gave up their lives to provide the humus of the soil to grow how many plants to be eaten by how many animals over how many lifetimes .. to give you life - a life that is shared in exactly the same way by every race, culture, tribe, family and individual.

The Mountain dies to become the rock which dies to become the grain of sand which dies to become the soil which dies to become a plant which dies to feed the cycle of life of human which may, once more in a billion years from now become a rock in a mountain ..

all share the one energy, in all of its interwoven cycles of oneness

Oneness: So, you think you are alone

On your table, you may have a jar of sugar.

How many rocks contributed to one grain of the sugar in the jar? How many thoughts from how many people brought that grain of sugar to your table. How many people sweated to provide the labor to till the soil, to build the roads and the railway, the trucks, the processing plant ..

Oneness and the Unified Field of Consciousness

The sense of oneness depends on individual perception, where you place it and the limitations of what you have been taught.

From one million miles out in space, 16 billion people don't even figure in the view of the planet - and if none of those people ever existed, the planet would still be there.

Yet we do exist .. and each one of us lives and breathes, drinks water and eats food and processes what we don't need. Many of us think, have feelings and emotions.

This is the Unified Field of Consciousness that we are all a part of. We each contribute to it - sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

Just as the Western Red Cedar is a tree, so is the Australian Eucalypt. Is one "better than" another? Does the Cedar suggest that it is superior or inferior to the Eucalypt? Each is a Tree, unique in expression and part of the biodiversity

and neither would survive (nor exist) without the humble earth worm.

The Oneness of The Ocean that exists within the drop

We stand at night and look out at the Universe - and if we could turn our vision inward, we would see that the universe with all of its planets and stars and galaxies exists in us. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm - and the microcosm obeys exactly the same laws and principles as the macrocosm.

The Ocean is composed billions of drops. Each drop is composed of billions of oceans.

AND ..

Of all of the species present on this planet, the Human DNA most closely resembles that of the "Great Hairy Earthworm".

The biggest difference between the species Human and the species Earthworm is in how they process and release what passes through their bodies ..

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