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"For within you is the light of the world - the only light that can be shed upon the Path. If you are unable to perceive it within you, it is useless to look for it elsewhere. It is beyond you; because when you reach it you have lost yourself. It is unattainable, because it forever recedes. You will enter the light, but you will never touch the flame."
12th Aphorism from "Light on the Path"  (Mabel Collins, 1888)

The Light of the World is Within You

You can be brain dead and your body can still maintain life to the cells. When the heart stops beating, the physical entity known as the body, for most, begins to crumble from the conditioned denial of the Life Force of your cells - your forgetting that "The Light of the World" lies within you.

But, even before this, when the Monitor shows a Flat Line, there is another Heart action - still operating - still circulating blood - the centre of Light within your own body. The Yogi's have known about this for centuries - Life, in what seems to the casual observer, suspended animation.

Pre-Natal development of The Light

In the early development of the human embryo, the group of cells that is to become the physical Heart separates from what is later to become the frontal brain mass.

Investigation of Heart wall tissue shows that it contains identical cells as those found in the brain - Further investigation shows that it is these cells in the Heart Walls that control the motor function by a direct connection to the right hemisphere of the brain (the intuitive brain).

Light in The Heart

Heart is Autogenic; this means it does not require a signal from the brain to beat. The impulse to contraction, is not dependent on external nervous stimuli, but arises in the heart muscle itself.

A small bit of specialized tissue called the sino-atrial (or sino-auricular) node, embedded in the wall of the right auricle, is responsible for initiating the heartbeat. This is not dependent on ANY external stimulus. This means that no other part of the physical body controls this function. 

From within the heart, this separate little brain and nervous system connects the heart directly to the Neocortex. (new brain within the brain) and from the Heart comes the hormone ANF.

The Light of Creation Within

The cells within the sino-atrial node contain the Primal Memory of the Union of Male and Female. They are the direct descendants of the first Nucleus of Conception. They contain all undifferentiated memory of Life in the moment of Living - the true meaning of the Most Sacred Tantra.

The whole of the body's Immune System, Hormonal Balance and the aging process are all directed by a peptide (a small chain of amino acids) called ANF, an emotion bearing information molecule, produced in the upper chambers of the heart with each loving contraction. This hormone appears to help rid and balance the body from the harmful hormones created under stressful, fear based emotional states.

The Mind in the Darkness

What we think of as Mind - the Left or thinking Brain - actually lags behind the right hemisphere in its response or reaction time by approximately half a second. By the time Mind becomes aware of any thought, feeling or emotion, the energy behind this impulse has been carried to every cell of the body in the bloodstream.

The response of the Left Brain (conscious or thinking mind) is also of opposite electromagnetic polarity to the response of the Right Brain which corresponds to and resonates with the Light Within -  the Heart Brain response.

When conscious or thinking mind tries to access the Heart, what it eventually confronts is the emptiness of the space from where the Heart Mass descended into the physical body.

In other words, you cannot open your Heart with your mind. It is both energetically and, Biologically impossible.

The Opening of the Heart to its Inner Light

The Opening of the Heart Consciousness to mind awareness is what happens when one descends into the Light Within. This takes place when the core energy of the cells (The Light of the World which some call Kundalini) symbolically rises through the emotions (or stored cellular imprints) to silence the reactive Left Brain mind by changing the switch network or programming of the Hypothalamus so that there is a connection restored between the Left Brain, the Right Brain and the Heart Brain in the Pineal Gland or Ajna Chakra.

This is what is referred to in Eastern Mysticism by "The Mind descending to the Heart". Of course, it is impossible to even think you have a Heart unless you recognize that you have, below the brain as its Life Support, a thing called Body.

You hold this Light between the palms of your own hands

The Light of the World is within you
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