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This site may provide fresh sometimes challenging, look at questions of finding a Meaning and Purpose for our Life based on experience, religious and spiritual beliefs which conflict within us. 

These, generally longer articles written from a Transpersonal perspective provide an introduction into the ways through which Fiona and I have viewed the meaning of our own life experiences.

Self Mastery - Life is the Moment of Living
With the development of self mastery, the seeker becomes a traveler, beyond religion, tradition, the teachings, doctrine and dogma. Spiritual practice is a communion with life in the moment of Living.

anunda - I am - the innocent
Underneath all conditioning, all learned behavior, all beliefs that were imposed upon you (which you struggle with to try to understand) .. but which are not the truth of you, you were born innocent.

Genesis - In the Beginning
Underneath the myths and legends, the coding of religion, education and learned behavior - deep within the cells in the unconscious mind of your body are the memories of Hu-man creation. We remember and we search for them - in our spirituality, in our relationships and in our children

The Search for Meaning
Philosophy, Religion and Spiritual Education is based on the mind's search for a meaning. Within the mysteries of the esoteric lies the truth. The Mystery behind all words is the limitation of the mind to this possibility.

Reality and Illusion - The Changeling
Your mind thinks that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your reality. They are part of the illusion, the experiences of the pendulum swing of the mind. Conscious and Unconscious

Pain, Crisis and Evolution
Behavior, Patterns and Conditioning - Throughout our lifetime, in fact from the moment of our conception, most of our learning is for Behavior and most of our Behavior doesn't learn to happen

Reflections - My Stormy Search for the Self
To find myself, I had to figure out there was a difference between who I was and who my parents, the education system, my friends, my employers and even my spiritual teachers had tried to tell me I was.

Searching for a Teacher
The Master and the Disciple - A true master or teacher cannot teach you anything .. all he can do is remind you of what, on some level, you already know

Thoughts on Truth
It is a puzzling thing .. TRUTH knocks on the door, and you say,  "Go away, I'm looking for the truth." and so it goes away.

I AM Self - the Spirit and the Spirituality
I AM that part of you that you cannot see because of your boundaries, the barriers placed to the concept of your infinity and innocence, the pre-conceived ideas of who you think you are

My Search for the Beloved
Love and Intimacy are ultimately based on understanding - the desire to understand, the need and the willingness to be understood. Vulnerability and trust are integral.

Life's Journey - A Roadmap
Your Life Path, The Transpersonal or Spiritual Journey, may seem a series of unrelated experiences. But, when looked at on a deeper level, these experiences can be seen to form a pattern and life is seen to have become a journey.

Hope, Love and Fear - The Notebooks
True Love is a state of being .. the sharing of who you are, of daring to be the true expression of who you are, of daring to allow another to be the true expression of who they are, without judgment of Self or other, without your need or expectation of any outcome

Simplicity cannot be overwhelmed
Have you ever asked a child for the answer to an adult problem? You may be amazed at their answer because, in their simplicity, they speak from their hearts.

Healing the Inner Child
All the inner child requires, is to be heard .. to be liberated from under layers of conditioning ..  which you (the adult) may or may not be conscious of.

Enlightenment and Consciousness
The play of consciousness begins with the constructs, beliefs, memories, supporting beliefs we have about life. We can change beliefs but must also change their unconscious supporting beliefs and the cellular memory - which is their source.

Spiritual Emergence and Enlightenment
That - beyond simplicity and complexity can be explored and expressed in as many ways as there are people with different understandings of their own experience. 

If I Forget Thee - Oh Earth
The Universal Dream of Global Peace and Harmony exists in the Universal Heart. This Vision of non violence is shared by all, by East, by West, by White, by Black, by Brown and by Yellow.

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