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Consciousness and Life
First Principles

  • A Single, simple Cell - the basic building block of all life - has Consciousness, Sentience, Awareness.
  • The Consciousness of the Single Cell interacts with the environment in which it exists with the sole purpose of maintaining life - its survival.
  • Both the Consciousness and the environmental interaction of the Single cell takes place even if the "cell brain" or nucleus has been removed.
  • The only decision that the Single Cell makes is whether its environment supports the life of the Cell.
  • The energy of the Cell It-Cell-f is described as the Feminine Principle.
  • The energy of the Environment is described as the Masculine Principle.
  • Both the Masculine and Feminine Principles fulfill the function of Creator and Destroyer.
  • The Perpetual Homeostasis between Creator and Destroyer is the Life Sustainer. This is the flow of the Tao and the Spirituality of Being.
  • When the energy of the Masculine Principle and Feminine Principle are harmonious, Life exists (Flows) without modification.
  • When the Masculine Principle is threatening or inharmonious to the Feminine Principle ... ie. when the environment does not support the harmony of the Single Cell ... then the Single Cell will modify its behavior to defend and support It-Cell-f in any way it can to find that balance and harmony within its environment which will support Its-Life.
  • Throughout all myth, mysticism and Spiritual Texts, the Feminine Principle is referred to as Mother and the Masculine Principle is referred to as Father.
  • Mother (in her forms) is the metaphorical principle used to describe energy of Life-It-Cell-f in the self-perpetuating beingness of Living.
  • Father (in all his forms) is the metaphorical principle used to describe the Environment of Life-sustaining, Life-creating and Life-destroying.
  • These Principles apply to every "Unit-of-Life" (Holon) from a Single Cell through "Cell-Colonies" (simple organisms) to Complex Organs and Organisms of Plants, Animals etc .... and Hu-Manity.
  • Clustering is a Principle where Single Cells come together or work together as a "Cell-Colony" (Holon) both within and to create an environment which is supportive of Life-It-Cell-f
  • At each level of existence, harmony (Tantra, Yoga) is sought as a Principle-of-Life between the individual "cells-in-the-cluster" and between the cluster and the environment.
  • Within the cluster or Holon, the cluster-it-cell-f (Feminine, Mother) creates the environment ( Self, Masculine, Father) for each "simpler" cluster down to the Simple Cell.
  • There is a continual interchange or Homeostasis between Life-It-Cell-f (Mother, Feminine Principle) and Life-It-Self (Father, Masculine Principle) such the neither can exist in its own separateness.

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