Transpersonal Life StreamsLife Streams
A Philosophy for Living
Seen and unseen Streams of Consciousness which create the relationships we experience allow information to flow from one to other. 

They are the Essence of Love which gives meaning and purpose to the Mirror that Life presents to us in our individual lives.


The Web of Life is continually moving, changing shape, dimension, expanding and contracting, experiencing of itself through the collective experience. 

You cannot separate yourself from this collective experience. 

Every individual experience, response and reaction moves through the whole "web of all life" .. even the ones that are denied, repressed, hidden under codes of secrecy and silence. These become part of both the collective and our own personal experience - influencing the behavior (and the evolution) of the whole .. and all of its parts: the individual "you and I".

Some of these Consciousness Streams we may be aware of. Many of them, most people for most of the time, are not.

For those who are familiar with the term, this is, in part the principle of the hologram - but a whole lot more.

You may have seen those complex models of balls and sticks that the science teachers used to illustrate the way molecules of chemical compounds are connected.

Within these Life Streams, patterns can be found which directly influence mental and physical health - and all interpersonal relationships. They are the sources of both the reality and illusion of conscious and unconscious programs and beliefs that govern life leading to stress, conflict, addictions, medical and psychological diseases.

The Common Sense: These same LifeStreams have a commonality to all of the senses used by all sentient beings. Thus, the material on this site bridges physics and metaphysics to relate the meaning of life to the experience of living.

Enlightenment is a path, not a sought after outcome is your awareness from the Heart of the Flow of All Life.

One-ness: In the bigger picture, each person is one living cell .. one ball .. of this "web of life" in a given moment of time and space. Just as your physical body is composed of billions of cells, so the "Greater Human Body" is composed of billions of Human Beings.

Yet, within the "Human Body" are representative cells of the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom .. and each kingdom is similarly connected in consciousness. Even the bacteria and the viruses that live in the darkest recesses of your bowels are part of the Consciousness of the overall "web of all life".

What one person sees, feels, emotes, experiences at any given moment is not only one perception of this over-all "Life-Web" but is also energetically connected to every other "aspect of all life".

You are not just "the little I" that you have been brought up to believe you are, existing as one point in time and space. You are not a victim; you are not powerless. Neither are you all-powerful.

Only the personality's thinking brain has that conditioned belief as its conditioned boundary or limitation. There is a very much larger picture of continual creation and destruction, birth and death, growth and decay: a cycle that ebbs and flows like the tides on the shore .. or your own breath.

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