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Conflict Resolution

  • Our reactions to conflict show how we are not counselling ourselves in life situations
    to resolve our unconscious and inherited emotions of anger, grief and guilt.

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The Non-way of the Warrior

You cannot be strong when the very foundations of your being are shrouded in the rigidity of genetic memories of guilt, denial and grief.

Most of us have lost the ability to be spontaneous. We 're-act'. It is impossible to live in the moment or be spontaneous if we 're-act'. We re-enact the past because of unconscious and preconceived ideas, patterns and beliefs, or because of our attachment to past memories. Reactions mean that we have not changed, nor have we 'grown up'. A reaction to another does not allow that the other may have changed, nor does it allow the other to change.

  • Memories stored in the hips, sacrum and pelvic floor form the foundation for your spine - and your being. Unless these memories are given the freedom of conscious recognition, you will take them to your grave and pass them on to your children as your legacy.

Each of us is a warrior

The New Age like to call it 'The Spiritual Warrior'. But this warrior is more than spiritual. It is human conflict that is hiding behind the common decency and discipline of society. It carries the genetic emotional directive to survive at all costs. Like an abscess hidden beneath the skin, this warrior eventually begins to hurt. The emotions suppressed become too much to hold and the abscess bursts, letting out a stream of hurt and anger that has its origin in the infected memory core.

The Genetic Warrior

Within most of humanity lays the genetic memory of a warrior who, depending on the degree of the skills that have been honed generation after generation, will, in some way make itself felt. Uncontrollable anger, the breaking of the work mask that you put on every morning, the hand raised to hit, the child aggressor ... all are symptoms of the primal survival instinct which the forces of the military have, over the centuries, honed for battle and then had to suppress in peace time.

Soldiers return home to passive lives to suffer bombs exploding in the darkness of their night. Those trained to kill in theatres of war now have to control that learned and skilled aggression. Most have. Most have become the loved parents, the fathers and grandfathers of our society.

Night Terrors (Nightmares) of a Child

A 16 year old child cries tears of anguish as unbidden memories of the Second World War haunt her days. She is afraid to remember her dreams, she suffers night terrors. These nightmare memories have been inherited. She is not mad, she does not need sedation. She requires understanding of why and how the images exist and that, if they and the source are acknowledged, then she can release and transmute them through the innocence and light of forgiveness and an acceptance of her ancestral past.

So now she lives free from the suppressed nightmares, the unresolved memories of her grandfather. Gratefully, she has been able to free her grandfather from blame and, wherever he is, he will feel the love and forgiveness from his living legacy to the world.

Unconscious beliefs, from unrecognised sources,
form invisible patterns for feelings and actions ....

Every organisation has rules that control, even if they are not designed to control. We are products of control, oaths and long forgotten vows. Our truth, whatever it may be, is buried deep within the enmeshment of 'silencers' and 'limiters' that we have taken for our own and internalised within our body.

A vow of secrecy, passed on generation after generation limits our ability to communicate truthfully with others, and within ourselves. All oaths, vows, blood brothership, even those of childhood of Brownies and Cubs, influence our ways of expression, our perceptions of ourselves and others. Vows made in Churches, sworn on Holy books or made in the name of God bind us most tightly of all. It is through these vows that we have come to fear God, fear Gods retribution, the wrath of judgement day.

We read spiritual or so called New Age books that say 'God dwells in you as you'. These truths are not New Age, they have been in existence for many thousands of years, and each successive generation claims them as the 'new truth of the age'.

  • ... Find the Christ within, the Mother/Father, All That Is ... Find the source of all Light Love and Goodness - it is within you and not in the buildings of the Church ... So we, I, search. And some, myself included believe we may have found IT, the Christ, Budda, Krishna Centre, and brought small changes in our lives, due perhaps to allowing that 'something' else exists.

The wise do not hold the sword by the blade

Around the true 'Heart Centre' inside me and (perhaps inside you), there was the binding of inherited oaths and desperately forgotten actions of my fore-fathers at war - wars fought in the name of God. The actions of desperate people, things too dark to be remembered by the conscious but which lay inside the human controller, the unconscious. Consciously repressed nightmares handed down generation to generation as surely as hair and eye colour.

Hidden sins committed in the name of war, God and self defence form a wall around the Light we seek to unveil inside, shroud the past, limit the now and make us fear the future.

Some feel that they have come in touch with 'the light' and that they can hand over to the light all that is inside and transmute it to the beautiful love of the universe. I am not going to place a value judgement on this intent and action. Rather, I would draw attention to the possibility that this intent can only remain intent and can rarely become manifested reality until the very Centre of Light within the one who sets the intent is freed from the shrouds of the vows and darkest judgements of the Ancestor Soldier.

Many of the current living generation have had direct experience of war which they can only speak of to those who have had the same experience. Some experiences they must always remain silent about. This is their right and it is to be honoured, as they themselves are to be honoured for their courage and bravery in facing situations I hope I will never know.

Part of me knows nightmare images, patterns of behaviour that I and many others have inherited from long dead generations of men and women, warriors and soldiers who are my ancestry and to whom I give gratitude for my existence.

Only when you are strong enough can you be truly gentle

I react from patterns whose origins I cannot find in this current life time, so I look back to my ancestors and there find the source of patterns for some of the behaviour that makes my life as it is. There were those who made vows not only on Queen and Country and God but to themselves to remain silent of their times in war. This silence effectively shielded and stifled the centre of being within me.

My heart I perceived as broken and shadowed, but this was the shroud that I had inherited that was hidden deep within the genetics of the body. Once recognised, the patterns of the soldier were revealed and, with compassion released.

Now it is time for healing myself and, if they choose, for the long line of ancestors who have died. They carried burdens of forgotten or repressed emotions, judgements which the God that is perceived outside the Self cannot erase because these acts were committed on an oath to that very God. The path lay inwards, one that only I could discover, that only I can walk, to find the healing that only I can give to myself with the grace of the omnipotent and omnipresent ALL.

The work I had done previously set the allowing that the ALL existed. The I, me, the small individual saw that I was as the drop of water, I had in my desire to be individual taken myself from the ocean and sought to exist separate from the ocean. In truth I contained within me all that was in the ocean, the essence of the ocean. But that essence was powerless to function with integrity because of its separation from all

The Drop that is the Ocean

When the essence that is ALL is recognised within I, the individual, then the individual I no longer exists as a separate entity but returns to the ALL, as the drop is returned to the ocean. In the ocean, as part of the flowing, the drop becomes powerful and whole and part of the flowing energy that is life - in human terms and beyond. Only from this union comes healing, from healing comes greater unity. The wounded warrior inside each of us can feel the essence of unity and when that essence is recognised the soldier can come home for there can be no war when the oneness of all is the recognised truth of each drop.

The heart centre, the centre of true love, can only be opened by the energy of truth rising from your foundation and up the spine. Until the heart is open, the love you express, the light you are, is in your imagining and is not real - the rest of your body denies that expression.

The breaking of your own (genetic) code of silence,
allowing the remembering,
allows the Genetic Warrior to be released
Only then will your nightmares rest in peace.

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