As we spiritually grow, we continually seek an identity .. another label which has a greater status to be greater than.. to overcome the stigma of being less than

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A long time ago, a teacher who, by his own insistence became my friend said to me "Christopher, a true teacher cannot teach you anything .. he can only remind you of what you already know"
What he was trying to show me was that, for all of us, there is some parts of life that we have mastered and yet, we may at the same time, be students of another perception (or way of looking at things) which we may not be aware of.

Our greatest learning, and the greatest miracles occur when we master the art of being able to change our perception. If we hold on to a perception of ourselves, or a label, we limit not only who we are, but also who we can become.

Labels carry the stigma of stereotype ... a stereotype which has been defined primarily by religion and society down through the ages.

If we, in any relationship, including our conscious and unconscious relationship with our self, hold onto any label or description, then that label is a "key word" which accesses a "data file" in not only our own DNA memory, but also in the memory of Universal Consciousness or "Big Mind" as some like to call it.

Every relationship where there are "pairings of opposites" carries with it the stigma of less than or greater than ... whilst my friend remained as "my teacher", I denied that I had a wisdom and a life mastery that he did not .. and submitted myself to the role of the student .. which triggered all of my body memories of my times at school .. and kept me in a state of reaction to him based on these experiences.

If you hold onto the concept of mother, then you will apply your perception of mother in every relationship  .. consciously or unconsciously .. and every person who sees you as mother will, consciously or unconsciously react to this definition .. according to their own experiences .. then on a deeper level, the DNA remembering ... "Big Mind" plays its part here, because it is working away, silently, reinforcing whatever pattern is playing through your own body/mind at the time.

As children, with the label of either "son" or "daughter", we grew up with a stigma of that identity .. which was not ours .. but which was given to us by right of ownership by our parents. The spiritual idealism some talk about can never erase the memories of these keywords and their associated relationship with the peer group.

So as we grow, we continually seek an identity .. another label which has a greater status to be greater than.. to overcome the stigma of being less than ...

the daughter who's mother was a "bitch" learns well from the foundation her mother has exemplified to become an even greater bitch than her mother could ever have hoped for ... the victim becomes a matriarch in her own right.

similarly for the son who has issues with father ... more aloof, more remote .. more violent in his relationship with women ...

and thus, with every succeeding relationship, we deepen the rift between male and female ...

The children see this ... and find that guns or drugs are the only way out of, what for them is an insoluble dilemma .. so we, adults, blame the children because our eyes are so full of the shit of our own version of the stereotype we have created for ourselves that we cannot see the roll on effect to others .... including our own children.

Our existence here on this planet then moves from an experience of life, to an experience of the dying process which starts with the first label placed on us from the moment mother first becomes aware of the foetus in the womb.

So we look to "God" for answers .. and once again, man has invented fables and legends down through the ages about this "God". Again, for every "God" there is the collective victim .. because that is the root, the etymology of the word.

Every time you hold onto the word "God" .. no matter what your mind thinks, the unconscious mind holds up a red flag which says "victim" or "martyr" and immediately goes looking for the opposite of this in the form of a self created stereo type.

The way through this is to drop all pretence. We can easily find the victim in each of us .. and, lets face it, it is only the ego that needs a name or needs to be named ...

and it is this ego that is created out of the learned behaviour of "victim" which was created out of someone else's need to be the opposite of victim. This is, in the main, the reason your (and my) physical body came into existence.

If we look at the so-called spiritual people we know, and go deeply under the spiritual facade that is presented to us .. there are several possibilities

the person may be genuinely spiritual .. in which case, there is no victim .. and no label .. no identity .. and no God.

the person may be a great pretender, presenting false humility, the "false guru" or may be so full of ego that his or her spirituality becomes a dogma that must be followed on pain of death.

underneath some of the strongest spiritual presentations, labels or facades lies the hypocrisy of the great "bitch" or "bastard" ... either in their relationship with others .. or the relationship they have with themselves ... and you are attracted to the facade which you seek for your self ...

on the other hand ...
you could see and accept that everybody is your friend ..
but first, you must become your own best friend ...
the self embodiment of the act of compassion
status, stigma, identity, label, stereotype, spiritual growth
status, stigma, identity, label, stereotype, spiritual growth

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status, stigma, identity, label, stereotype, spiritual growth

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