Personal and Spiritual Development

A simple, plain English guide to the path and process of Self Healing, Self Realization, Transformation, Personal and Spiritual Development

The human body is, normally, in a continual state of homeostasis - a state of total and perfect equilibrium - a state of both regeneration and decay. Every cell in the body regenerates approximately every 7 years - all 7 Billion or so of them.

Yet, as we age, we start to show all of the signs that "something is not right". Once firm youthful flesh starts to wrinkle and sag, diseases set in, we become stiff in our once fluid movements.

Self Healing, Self Realization, Transformation
Personal and Spiritual Development

In an experimental surgery, a young boy with a terminal liver condition had a piece of his father's liver grafted on to his diseased liver. Several months after the surgery, the removed section from the father's liver has regrown and the child is now njoying a perfect liver function.

The child's mother, of course thinks this is a "miracle" - to the doctors, it was a confirmation of their knowing that, given the right conditions, the body is capable of regrowing any diseased of damaged part - if it is allowed that possibility.

The garden

Any person with a little "gardening" experience knows that when you plant a vegetable seed, the "fruits" of the seed will totally depend on how you prepare the soil, and how you nourish and support the growing seedling into adulthood. 

The adult stem cells which are part of the regeneration process of the human body are no different. 

Gardening is a process of continual weeding - of pulling out by the roots all of the "foreign" plants that might either choke the seedling to death or might stunt and distort its growth through the struggle. The Human Body is no different - a perfect eco-system. Or - rather, it wants to be.

Through all of my work, I have noticed that many people have a tendency to go very quiet when the time comes to "get real" - to get their hands dirty - to get out of this thing they call "mind" and actually take the opportunity presented to have a close look at their own "garden".

Yet, there are so many who are willing to argue the pro's and the con's of spirituality, enlightenment, self healing, self realisation .. with a mind that is continually fed with the polluted waters and fetid air of a diseased brain support system called the physical body.

Self Healing and Self Realisation is being real with self.

This is no game. It is a matter of life and death. It is how you cope with your own experience of Life - and the legacy that you pass on to your children.

Yet, the sublime intellect of the mind thinks it knows better. It thinks that what it thinks is all there is. It thinks that it (mind) is superior and can flourish, nourish and regenerate in an environment fed from the effluent of a fetid swamp - even to the point that it would deny that the swamp exists.

This is exactly the same as throwing a few seeds into the cess pit and expecting them to grow into healthy plants - and then eating produce from them.

Self Healing, Self-Realisation, Personal, Spiritual Development and Transformation is something that happens the moment one makes their Cell-f (or the inner sense of the physical body) real. Every cell-f in the body. 

The one area of your body that you don't want to look at, the one area that you would deny, becomes the breeding ground for a cancer - a mutated cell that is distorted by the memories held in that area. These are the weeds in your garden.

Cell-f Real-ization is a Life Skill.

It starts with recognising and accepting the existence of every cell in the body, the part it has to play in the Human Ecosystem - and allowing that this system wants to find perfect homeostasis.

In this process, the energy of Life_itself will act to remove all of the weeds from the garden - if your mind will allow the possibility that there is a far greater intelligence than mind at work ... and if mind will accept that it will be the last to know.and .. only when the Cell-f is Real-ized will you experience and understand what self-realization, enlightenment, self healing, personal and spiritual development and transformation really mean.

Your "spirituality"
is the honouring, accepting and worshiping of this "cell-f_intelligence" - the common sense of every cell of the body. 

It is the honouring, accepting and worshiping of the flow of the waters of your blood .. and the air that the blood carries.

Without purity in the Vital Tree of Blood, there can NEVER be purity of thought .. and if your blood is being processed through organs that hold memories of stench and decay, so you will battle with your mind's impure thoughts.

What is your possibility?
What is your potential?
What is "The Garden of Eden"
What is "Shamballah"
What is "Heaven on Earth"
and what does "The Lord's Prayer" really mean .. ?

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Self Healing, Self Realization, Transformation, Personal and Spiritual Development

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Self Healing, Self Realization, Transformation, Personal and Spiritual Development


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