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Pain is the symptom of our separation from wholeness.
The organ or system affected by pain is the manifestation
or reflection of the area of our psycho-emotional imbalance
with the oneness of all life.

Pain is the Symptom

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All symptoms stem from physiological holding of emotional trauma, conflict or dis-ease within the whole body hologram - whole body organism.  

This conflict is as a direct result of paradox experienced during the programming of the body physiology from the moment of conception onward and the relationship of this programming to the intrinsic intelligence and functioning of the body and body systems.  The process is enhanced by any genetic history of similar patterns.  The more intense the symptoms, the greater is the probability of the pattern being found deep within the family history.   

Further conflict or stress arises from the direct relationship between the individual and the environment.

Denial and separation are the mode of address, not only of one individual to the other, but also within the individual towards his own beingness.  The awareness of our state of health is at the level of the denial we place on our recognition of what is going on within our own bodily systems.

  • It is denial which places filters, barriers and shields within the naturally occurring electro-magnetic fields of the body, setting up self destructive resonance patterns.  Once this principle is understood and the code of silence which exists between the conscious mind and the body is broken, holding patterns can be changed.

Then and only then can the individual cells within the physical body function in harmony and wellness be achieved.

Pain, both physical and psycho-emotional, arises from distorted resonance patterns when the body dis-ease symptom (or the amplitude of this foreign resonance frequency of shock or stress) increases above the level of the denial threshold.

  • Pain is, therefore, the bodys way
    of bringing to awareness a physiological emotional imbalance.

Most subconscious and unconscious thought patterns and beliefs are contrary to the conscious mind thought process by which the individual tries to function in normal daily life known as consensus reality.

When there is complete harmony between conscious and unconscious thought process, there is no pain and no emotional distress.

Intrinsic beingness and thus freedom from pain is the natural result arising from the electromagnetic currents of both the body (unconscious mind) and the brain (conscious mind) resonating in harmony.

The holding patterns of genetic abnormality and viral diseases can be addressed in this manner.

  • Modern genetic research is showing that psycho-emotional states
    can be genetically transmitted from parent to child.

An inharmonious electromagnetic field can cause mutation of otherwise normal cell structures.   Treatment of viral diseases can also be supplemented by the raising of the individuals self esteem and value of life, thus restoring the balance and enhancing the amplitude of the bodys natural electromagnetic energy fields.

  • Psycho-genetics explores the patterns of behaviour, reactions and emotional states which can be traced back through the ancestors. Whether you like it or not, your life is being ruled by the survival gene of people who have been dead for a very long time.

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