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  • All of your life is a mirror you created so that you could see yourself ...   
    for you cannot see yourself, except by your own reflection.
    Everything you see around you, every person that comes to you
    is a reflection of some part of you that you either accept or reject,
    love or hate ...

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  • On your deathbed, you will look into the Mirror
    to face your life past, the choices, the judgements you made ...

All your life is a mirror you created
so that you could see yourself

I stand alone, surrounded by my beliefs and attitudes.  There are many faces, many masks that I see reflected back to me.  They are my faces - yet they are not ... the roles in life I have played ... the faceless roles of
the child,  adolescent,  teenager,  son,  daughter,  wife,     husband,  student, teacher ... they are the masks of contrivance and control.

I am encircled by my creation - How can I move in freedom when each mask, each role demands limitations? I cannot. But as each is recognised for The Mirror that it is - a reflection trapped in glass - The Mirror can be broken .. one by one the masks shattered.  As the faces fall ... I stand alone, all-one within my Self

  • Life is a Mirror which you created in order to be able to see all of the conscious and unconscious beliefs which are running you. You did this in order to be able to gain control over your life by changing this unconsciously learned behaviour so that you might evolve and grow as a Human Being.

Everything outside of us, every person that comes to us, everything that happens to us, is a reflection on some level of something that is going on inside of us.

Most of us have lost the ability to be spontaneous.

  • A reaction -  is your way of not handling every life situation

A reaction is a re-en-actment of a past situation in a different environment. Each person or situation which comes to you becomes a trigger which reminds you of past events which you have taken on as a mask.

Every mask, every costume you have worn for another, or expected another to wear for you, has provided another belief set which has superimposed another image over the multiple patterns which are as yet, unresolved.

  • It is the combination of these belief sets which provides the basis for all of your reactions and limits your potential as a Human being.

The unconscious belief patterns running your life go deeper than your present lifetime in this body. They go back genetically before birth, before the experience of your creation in your mothers womb, even before her conception of you.

Your ancestors provide one of three major harmonics and patterns relating to how you have created your life and are part of the source of your myths, legends and fears.

  • You can change your life patterns just by being aware of them

The individual is not in control of his or her life.

The factors, unconsciously motivating behaviour, running people in their everyday life, governing and creating their needs, their perceived society roles and reactions to life stimuli are the emotional result of conflicting multiple thought patterns which create non harmonious resonance imbalances within the physiology of the body.

  • The Mirror is about 'Remembering' - piecing together the images in the life puzzle - identifying the sources and changing the tune.

There is opportunity, the energy and a choice for change. Unless we do so, the patterns of now will be passed on to our children for future generations. We can only change the evolution of society and the environment in which we live by changing our own consciousness.

Footnote: - The principle of life as a mirror was the subject of a 39 week intensive program series.  The Mirror program series was run with 6 separate groups of people totalling 150 men and women.  It is the results gleaned from the contributions of these people which has formed the basis of this Web Site.

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