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  The gift I gave my self

· The True Power of Self Healing
  and the Nature of Inner Spirit

· Its your life and your process -
  but you've got something right

· Are you a half-healthy person -
  or a half-sick person

· You were born to heal

· Responsability
  for your own healing

· In Thine Hands

· Pain is the symptom


· Personal Integrity
  is your birth right

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Within your Life, you must have done something right 
- no matter how you, or others, have judged-
after all, you are still alive ..

It's Your Life, Your Process
but you've got something right

  • Within you lies the responsibility for your healing. You are, within your whole body, your own therapist, the subject of your own therapy and your own therapeutic process. Can you cross the boundary between your myth and taboo?

The Spectrum of Consciousness contains all memory past, present and future. Access to this is the birthright of every Hu-man. It is all encompassing. As you limit what you know, so you limit what you can become. To know is absolute. To believe is to be-lie.

  • To hold onto the past is to remain there. With courage and willingness to allow, you can dissolve memories and move to new realms of experience. You can respond rather than re-en-act past programming.

Unconscious memories influence everything you say, do and try to be.
They are constantly brought back through the mirrors of people and events.
The influence of cultural origin is still active, even though migration may have been generations ago.
Religion and its symbols have created a social formula which is buried in the unconscious. 

Memories, whether deliberately or subconsciously forgotten, denied or buried are the shadows that keep you in a state of turmoil. They will not go away but quietly influence everything you say, do and appear to be.

The Mirror

These memories are constantly being brought to you by and through the mirror of people and events, causing you to ‘re-act’ from past memory. In allowing that these memories and shadows exist, you can dissolve them.

The body is more than just a life support system for the head - or a 'burden' as some see it. It contains 90% of the mind in the form of a memory hologram in every cell. Most deny their body has intrinsic intelligence. For many people, the body itself has almost forgotten this. Mental intelligence is powerful and frightening to a body in which the 'Spirit' or 'Soul essence' lies unawakened.

We 'react" because we have lost the ability to ‘re-spond’. 
We ‘re-act’. We ‘re-(en)-act’ from a past response that has been buried inside the psyche because of preconceived ideas or because of attachments to memories through taboo. 

Re-action to others does not allow that the other may have changed. 

Our reactions to situations mean that we have not changed. We cannot ‘live in the moment’ or be spontaneous if we ‘re-act’!

Denial stems from a code of silence which sees many subjects, including thoughts, feelings and actions as taboo. "These are things that you do not talk about" becomes so impressed within the psyche that it becomes part of the personal myth, inhibiting recognition and acceptance of many issues within the individual.

The body-mind, the cellular memory is the unconscious source of 're-actions'. It continually brings conflict or confusion to ideas or suggestions that you mentally try to impress upon it without resolving existing buried memories and programming.

If the true nature of expression is suppressed or denied through self judgement,
then energy becomes stuck or blocked ... and stagnation becomes the source of all pain - and all disease.

Whatever you are experiencing at this moment is perfect and right for you. Whatever your body dictates to remove the shadows is right for you. 

Turmoil arises when you make (or allow somebody else to make) your experience wrong.

Place no judgement on Self. Place no judgement on others. Allow the Self to be, and allow another to be. Then shall the World find Peace.

You can take a colourless light and, with the breath, visualise it moving through your body to all hidden recesses of your past. Memories long hidden and suppressed may be revealed.

Remembering is reconnecting fragments.
Through the very act of recognising your body and allowing energy to move into all areas, you can begin to dispel the judgement shadows.

People move through existence with heavy hearts at what has become of them and their place on the Earth. They are shut off from the truth of the balance of the Universe. They hold on to past memories from the fear of forgetting.

To open your being to Greater Possibilities is to awaken yourself, to gain some concept of the weave of the Wholeness of the Universal Self that exists within each and every life form on Planet Earth.

Footnote: - The principle of life as a mirror was the subject of a 39 week intensive program series. The Mirror program series was run with 6 separate groups of people totalling 150 men and women. The results gleaned from the contributions of these people has formed the basis of this Web Site.

Self-Healing .. Its your life, your process, but you've got something right


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