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Life Skills : Getting Real with your Life

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Life Skills are the skills to change your life so that YOU are able to dream, determine, incubate, create and direct your own meaning from life - free from the attachments and co-dependencies of the past.

Life Skills

Responsibility is a measure of your ability to respond. It is only by taking personal responsibility for yourself that you can create change.

Life Skills are not about some mythological "Spirituality" or some hypothetical outcome or some goal that can be realized. There isn't one.

The Skills for Getting Real with your Life

What you experience today, you either consciously or unconsciously dreamed, determined, incubated, created and directed yesterday and all of the yesterdays before that.

But then - who was the you that set this process in motion. Who was the eye ( I ) that saw and the I that interpreted and experienced. Who was the I that judged. Each of these is a separate personality.

Life Skills to create Meaning and Purpose for your life

What you will experience tomorrow depends on how you (whichever personality mask you happen to be wearing at the moment) both consciously and unconsciously process all of the sensory inputs you receive today. This is the mastery of Reality Creation, the true meaning of Enlightenment, Self Realization, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development  ..

Broken Hearts and Lives

The Skills to find meaning from life cannot come from a fragmented personality. The fragmented personality cannot focus, cannot dream, cannot determine, cannot incubate, cannot create and cannot direct.

The " I " you think you are is a leaderless community in conflict - within itself and with all other communities. The personalities of your inner community cannot even work towards a common goal.

Pause for a moment .. and reflect on you, as you, now, stand naked and transparent looking at your self in the mirror. If you could see inside of yourself what would you see .. what are the parts of you that you don't want to look at .. ?

Then, let me ask you one simple question .. ?

What are the organs or organ groups of your body that are involved in each of the functions of dreaming, determining, incubating, creating and directing .. what memories do these organ groups hold which shape their personalities .. ?

I will give 2 clues here - the Heart has nothing to do with any of these things, yet, depends on all of these things for its survival - and Mind, the last to know depends on the Heart for its survival.

True gentleness can only be built on a firm foundation .. Life Skills

From the very real threat to its survival - a primal instinct,
the child has had to learn to keep its attention focused on the
pointing finger - rather than to be able to follow that finger
to see what it is pointing at.

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Within your Life, you must have done something right - no matter how you, or others, have judged - after all, you are still alive ..

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