Life Skills: Health and Therapy - Personal Growth and Self Healing  

Life Skills

Life Skills : discovering  you can heal your self, and choose your life experiences to define your own purpose and meaning from life.

Life Skills is about being able to live your life consciously in every moment - as you choose as a whole, integral human being.

Life Skills is not about learning some new techniques, but understanding why old ones haven't given you a sense of purpose.

Life Skills is about identifying and allowing the release of past patterns and conditioning which may no longer serve you.

 Life Skills - getting real with your life
Life Skills are the skills to change your life so that YOU are able to dream, determine, incubate, create and direct your own meaning and purpose
 Life Skills: an introduction to self healing
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. However, during your life, you must have got something right .. after all, you are still alive.
 Life Skills: self healing and self help resources
practical personal growth resources, suggestions, self healing tools and meditation techniques.
 A Therapy Notebook
 Notebooks of a Transpersonal Therapist
Because of my own transpersonal experience, I have had an opportunity to walk many miles in other people's shoes .. and even then, I cannot claim to have seen it all.
 Support and Self Help Forum

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