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An Open Letter to those
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There is no technique of therapy, healing is.

You do not learn therapy, you become the therapist. All healing comes from within.

A certificate means is that you have done a course. That is all. Against time, a certificate means nothing. All of the courses, all of the certificates mean nothing except that you have learned tools which when properly applied, firstly to yourself, then to another can awaken the healer within.

The healer within is the Heart. Not the heart that is the mechanical pump beating within the body, but the Spiritual Heart, the Higher self of each and every man woman and child that lives on planet earth (and beyond).

How many healers are "healing", so called, out of a need for themselves to be healed? How many healers themselves have issues, that need to be looked at, deep within themselves which they do not want to look at?

A therapist facilitates healing only as far as the therapist has healed his or her self. You cannot take another where you have not gone before. You cannot show another what you yourself have not seen. You cannot say to another "I understand", if you have not experienced what the other is trying to explain to you, unless you have developed the "Yogic" ability of the true healer to enter the body of the other and experience for yourself through empathy what the other is going through.

This ability only comes from being complete, healed, Whole within yourself. It means that healing is not something that you do, it is what you become.

Then, when you open your mouth, words come, not through having to think of what to say, but from deep within as you voice without thought, that aspect of Truth that is pertinent at the time. If you have to remember what is written in books, what you have been taught, then you are not a healer, you are not a teacher. If you have not been there, then you are not even a guide. You are perhaps a facilitator, depending on how well you can hand over responsibility for the healing to the Higher Aspect of you.

There is no singular perfect "healing technique". This is a limiting concept. There is a valid role for each modality of healing. Each is needed to support the other. Each has a value to the specific individual.

But there is more, much more that is not available to most healers because of their own individual limiting beliefs. When a healer learns that to be a Healer means to Love Unconditionally, to share what they have become Unconditionally, then will energies and modalities of healing that have not been learned, that cannot be learned, become available.

Therapist, for so you call yourself, look at yourself, look into yourself. Find within the deepest recesses of you those aspects of you that you have hidden, preferring not to look at, preferring not to own. Find and heal those issues within yourself that limit and distort your Truth.

To work with another person when you have not dealt with all that is in your hidden unconscious is not the path of the true healer, for as surely as a doctor must wash his hands and cleanse himself on the outside, you as a healer must cleanse yourself not only on the outside but also on the inside. Not to do so is to risk passing on "infection". This infection can take the form of your own fears, your own bias, your own negativity.

If a client finds that the root of a problem is in their relationship with a partner and you council them to act in a particular way, you must be clear of any of your own issues regarding your own partner.

If the problem stems from a childhood sibling rivalry, you, before counselling, must be clear of you own issues with your own siblings. If you are not clear within yourself, you are viewing the given situation through a pair of glasses that are tinted with your own bias and problems.

Therapist, know that those who are brought to you are a mirror for you. They reflect to you what you most need to look at within yourself. Do not allow a client to leave without you first asking of yourself "what do I need to learn and understand from this person?" It was not by chance that this person sought you out of all the healers that exist.

Unless you are willing to look at and work firstly with yourself, then you can never be a healer for you can never be Whole. The true healer has no need to heal, no need to rescue people. Only those who need to be rescued seek to rescue. Only those who need to be healed themselves seek to heal.

This type of healing is not Unconditional and is, therefore at best, limiting the way in which the Universe can respond to a given situation.

You the therapist ...  you are not capable of seeing the overall pattern of your own life or of your clients life. You are not able to see, therefore you cannot judge, (though you will try), what is appropriate or otherwise for any individual.

The most you can do is act Unconditionally, set your personal and ego preconceptions aside and allow that part of You, Your "Higher Consciousness", Your "Higher Self" to act. This is the part of you that is linked to the overall pattern. This is the part of you that can best apply the Truth of the Universe to the client.

But, in order to do this effectively, therapist, you must first heal your Self. Then you will not have anything to do, for it will be done by your being.

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