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What is published on these pages is the meeting point
of all the healing modalities, religions, spiritualities and philosophies
of East and West, ancient and modern

Are you a half healthy person ..
or a half sick person?

Most people in today’s society are midway between being healthy and sick. This can apply in the emotional, as well as the physical and mental sense. We may call these people part healthy people. We can also call them part sick people.

There is Nothing in your Life that you cannot change ...

Western Medical Practices medicine, counselling and psychology (including many recognised alternative therapies), has no way of treating these people until they become ill, because there is no set of symptoms that can be identified as being symptomatic of any disease.

Yet, research based on this same western medical philosophy has provided an understanding of the workings of the bodily systems which we can interrelate with various oriental therapies.

Oriental Therapies on the other hand, can immediately treat these half healthy people before naming a disease and even, in fact, while awaiting diagnosis.

Oriental based therapy tries to diagnose the unhealthy phenomenon that is occurring within the particular individual. The body is viewed as unique from anyone else’s and the basic constitution is taken into consideration.  An effort is made to try to find out why the disease has occurred in the first place and work from there, rather than to search for a cure.You are, through stress, killing yourself, trying to stay alive.

The link

There is a direct relationship linking all physical disease symptoms and patterns of pain with unconscious limiting beliefs. Every limiting belief stems from a pattern of shock experienced by the body. Every time an individual experiences a physical, mental, emotional or psychic shock, there is an intake and a catching of the breath. There is a rhythmic, cyclic breathing pattern which resonates from the lungs through every cell of the body so that when the lungs freeze, so every cell of the body freezes for an instant, taking another 'photographic' imprint of shock or stress which is imprinted into every cell of the body.

The physical body, as we know it, is made up of the superimposed multiple distorted images and memories of shock which we have experienced throughout our lifetime .... and these have been superimposed over patterns of shock which we have genetically inherited in the form of diseases awaiting an external stimulus to make themselves apparent.

First you have a thought and then your thought has you. 
Who do you think you are? 
More importantly, who is it who is thinking?

Healing can only be fully effective when this link between physical discomfort and psychological dysfunction is identified and treated as a holograph pattern in relation to the physical body systems affected and its symbolic representation of an unconscious belief pattern, most of which we have inherited.

Treatment thus becomes a system of addressing the holograph belief rather than treatment of the individual symptoms in isolation.

A very effective treatment can be given if the distortion or abnormal phenomenon is discovered as soon as possible before it develops into a concrete disease that can be categorised.

The phenomena occurring in the patient is what is identified and treated, not the disease. This phenomena is most commonly the result of an unconscious belief pattern which can have originated from any number of sources.

Guiding people to the goal of health with counselling, proper care and rest incorporated in their daily lives is preventative medicine in the truest sense.

Are you a half healthy person or a half sick person?


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