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In this Website, we set out to explore many of the mental, psychological, psychospiritual, emotional and physical diseases which confront us in society from the perspective that each disease is merely a symptom of some deeper underlying and unresolved psycho-emotional or psycho-spiritual crisis.

Disease - from a different perspective

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  • All of the work I have undertaken is about people developing insights from their own inner wisdom, not what someone else has experienced, or what they are told they should believe.


Modern medical practice is identifying genes within our DNA which mark various diseases and are looking for ways to change the genes.  Our question is why did the genes mutate in the first place?   The subsequent question is 'if the underlying belief pattern can be changed, will the genes themselves change?'

It is my belief that this is possible. And so, we introduce the concept of 'Psycho-genetics' as the cause and cure for disease.

Rather than look for a cure for the 'disease', we commenced with the paradigm of the 'Possible Human' as an 'Innocent' and investigated the belief patterns which separate us from that potential.

Essentially, we have done the reverse of what others have done - rather than find a cure for a 'disease' we have sought to identify the belief pattern which has led to the disease.

  • In doing so, we have to redefine disease - which then becomes 'dis-ease'  or lack of ease within the self. This lack of ease comes from the holding on to patterns of trauma we have suffered so that the essence of our being, our life force, is blocked and therefore no longer able to support our well-being.

Reinventing ourselves so we can cope with our own Survival ...

is what most of us do all the time without realising what we are doing and without taking off all of the layers of makeup which defined our previous roles.

Stress comes from our attempt to play different roles in different plays all at the same time, without changing our costume.  In the different roles we play, there are always sets of opposites.   Within opposites lies conflict.

  • The Possible Outcome is that you can change your myth, your patterns and your identity - and that you can do this at will, any time, without skeletons coming out of the closet to haunt you.  You can, if you choose, move beyond the need to survive.

Unresolved Emotions

A lot of people (both adults and children) who have, in the past, undergone treatment from various professional and alternative therapists have been left with unresolved emotions.  This is not the fault of either the client or the therapist because, until now, there has been very little understanding of the hereditary patterning of emotions.

Once that it is understood how emotions (and psycho-emotional states) can be inherited as surely as eye and hair colour, previously unresolvable issues can be understood in the light of family and the social climate faced by past generations.    Once the source and manner of the judgements which have led to these emotions are understood, patterns of emotional responses can be resolved.

  • Our lives are being run by people who have been dead for a very long time...

A word of gratitude

This site has only been made possible by the courage and commitment of a group of people in Tasmania, Australia, who have had the courage to undertake the longest journey - the personal journey into their own remembering.   Much of the material has been either directly or indirectly contributed by them.

To these men, women and children I am both grateful and humbled by an application they have shown (and are continuing to show as the 'work' evolves) to the belief that somewhere, somehow, there had to be another way, that what they had been told to believe, is not the way it really is .....

This is their personal story ...

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