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Who you are now started with your conception - the sexual act and the union of the ovum and sperm that resulted in the creation of the first cell that was to evolve into the person you are now.

Yet - even before that - the first Tulpa was the intention, the thoughts feelings and emotions that resulted in that sexual act.

Intention: Conception of Your Self

The energy of Life, translated as sex - the Yoga or Union of Male and Female was the creative impetus that started the process of your evolution.

For nine months or so, the idea of who you would become and the purpose of your existence was defined by the thoughts, feelings and emotions of your mother as she responded and reacted to situations that were going on in her life.

But, even her own reactions were in response to how life's changing situations fitted in with the purpose defined by her mother and her mother's mother before.

Living your Legacy

The ovum that was fertilized was your grandmother's legacy to you. Your cellular make-up had very little to do with the incubator in which you grew.

Every thought, feeling and emotion created an environment for the germination of some seed that was laid down in the genes of the ovum and the sperm. This happened during the first nine months in your mother's womb.

Then you were born and, for about the next two years, as a helpless infant, you were again subjected to an environment of thoughts, feelings, emotions and projections over which you had no control.

Predominantly, again, the most powerful force was the dominant care giver that provided the environment for your development according (for the most part) to her idea and how you would fit into the unconscious impetus which was her purpose - however confused this may have been in her psyche.


The pattern repeated in cycles according (again) to the environmental field in which you physically grew. At 7 years, you underwent an (unconscious) rebirth and certain changes took place. More layers were added to the first two years. Yet another set of layers (and more energies) were added to the Tulpa that was created by the intention behind the first thought that resulted in your conception.

Again, at Puberty, nature provided the means and the opportunity for change. Again, at Puberty, you were subjected to a reinforcement of your purpose as being at the will of some Parental type influence.


Parental Influences come in many shapes, sizes and genders. Even today, every situation you face in life is some variation on one theme that lies deep in the unconscious of your own memory.

That theme is intention.

Intention is a thought which, when combined with passion based on life and survival, becomes the most potent Life-Creation stimulus of all.

Now - based on the accumulated wisdom of ALL of your life's experiences you have an opportunity to create some free will for your self ..

but - before you can create a single change in your life, you have to define the intention to create that change in your life - and even write out that simple statement

until your mind gets the idea that it can actually allow its experiences to move beyond the predetermination your biological mother and father had leading up to the sexual act that resulted in your conception.

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